How to Create and Manage Advanced WordPress Registration Forms?

WordPress registration forms are created by the admins to allow users to register on their website. It helps to manage user accounts, accept payments, track submissions, analyze statistical data, and assign roles to different users.

These forms can be a simple single-page WordPress registration form or complex multiple pages form with custom fields.

Any website that requires the users to register for accessing certain content, pages, user roles, or services, can make use of these WordPress registration forms. Mostly, they are used by user-based membership and subscription websites.

To create a complex user registration form, you will require a free registration form builder.

ProfileGrid Memberships comes with an Advance form integration.

This integration allows you to create basic as well as complex user registration forms on your website. For example, you can create an event registration form, WooCommerce membership registration form, simple membership registration form, and more.

In this article, we’ll demonstrate an easy tutorial to create registration forms.

How to add a registration form in WordPress?

WordPress comes with a default registration form. However, there are a lot of limitations, and one of them is that you can’t add custom fields in those registration forms.

In that case, you need a good form builder that will let you customize the forms the way you want.

You can use the ProfileGrid advance form extension which is included in ProfileGrid Memberships to add custom fields and create complex registration forms.

The extension is in integration with RegistrationMagic which is the best registration form plugin for WordPress. It allows you to build and manage complex WordPress registration forms.

You can take complete control of user registrations on your website with this powerful extension. Continuing the discussion, let’s discuss ‘How to add registration form in WordPress’.

Overview of Advance Forms Integration

No separate download is required as the Advance Forms extension comes pre-bundled in the ProfileGrid Memberships plugin.

It gives you complete control of creating advanced and complex registration forms on your WordPress website. You can now create different types of WordPress registration forms for your website users with some predefined fields.

The extension enables you to set up payment different modes for paid users, allows the users to log in to your website to access various functionalities,  helps them to reset the password, and also enables them to check payment transaction history.

Frontend View of Registration Forms

wordpress registration form

The customer journey on a website starts with the process of signing up. You can find multiple configuration settings within the Advance forms extension to design an amazing sign-up experience for your users.

With the option of custom fields, you can add fields that are of high importance which can be filled by the users while registering. There’s an option to either display all fields on a single page or to create a multi-page registration form.

Features offered by Advance Forms Extension

The extension offers many unique features to the users. You can build numerous custom registration forms, WordPress login forms, sign-up forms, or event registration forms, etc.

A few highlights of the extension:

  • Create a dedicated registration form for each group.
  • Show forms on a single page or multiple pages.
  • Create customized fields.
  • Add icons to form labels.
  • 35+ custom fields.
  • Drag and drop fields editor.

How to Build Advanced WordPress Registration Forms on your Website?

To start with creating a user registration form, download the ProfileGrid Membership plugin. You can download the plugin for free from this link or from the button below.

Try ProfileGrid for Free!

Once the plugin is downloaded and installed, follow the steps below;

Set-up Advance Form Integration

Step1: Go to WordPress dashboard, hover the cursor over ProfileGrid left menu, and click Global Settings.

wordpress registration form

Step2: Scroll down and click on ‘Registration Form.’

wordpress registration form

Step3: On this page, there are multiple options present to set up the registration page as per your requirement.

Click on ‘Registration Forms’

wordpress registration form

Step4: Enable the ‘Show Registrations Tab’ toggle to display a Registration tab on your website.

wordpress registration form

Step5: Next, add the title of the tab.

Step6: There is also an option that lets you display multiple different tabs such as Payment History, Inbox, Orders, Downloads, and Addresses.

Enable or Disable any options as per your preferences.

wordpress registration form

This is how the Registration tab will look on the front end.

wordpress registration form

Creating Custom WordPress Registration Forms

Step1: To create a custom WordPress registration form on your groups, go to the RegistrationMagic Menu and click on ‘All Forms.’

wordpress registration form

Step2: Here you can create registration forms that are highly customizable.

To create a registration form click on ‘New Forms.’

registration form

Step3: Add a name to the form.

registration form

Step4:  Next, hover the cursor over the form and click on ‘Fields.’

registration form

Step5: To add custom fields, click on ‘Add Fields.’

registration form

Step7: Once the custom fields are added, ‘Save’ the settings.

registration form

Step8: Here we have added the ‘Address’ field. Similarly, more custom fields can be added.

wordpress registration form

Assign Registration forms to WordPress Groups

Step1: Click on ‘ProfileGrid’ on the left menu bar.

wordpress registration form

Step2: Hover the cursor over to the group in which you want to add this registration form. Click on ‘Settings’.

wordpress registration form

Step3: On this page there are multiple options such as setting a membership charge for the group, selecting the registration form, and more.

registration form

Step4: ProfileGrid has a default registration form for every group. To assign new form to the group, click and select the form that was created earlier.

registration form

Once selected, save the setting and the WordPress registration form will be assigned to the group.

User journey on the forntend

The users need to find the group on ‘All Groups’ page. Click on ‘Join Group.’

wordpress registration form

Next, they will be redirected to the Registration Form page which was created earlier.

wordpress registration form

WordPress Registration form

Customized Advance Forms – A Smart Solution

With this guide, you can easily add a few WordPress registration forms that are customized for your groups. Also, you can build numerous WordPress user registration forms, such as the WooCommerce membership registration form, event registration form, and many more.

Moreover, the Advance Forms extension helps you to customize your registration forms. It will also give you the basic means to add and configure a specific type of form.

Lastly, be it a contact form or a registration form, you can add many functionalities to your website using this extension. If you are looking to add a customized form to your website.

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