How To Allow Users To Add Profile Labels On Your WordPress Website?

Are you finding a simple extension to add descriptions, WordPress profile tags, and custom profile labels to WordPress?

Fortunately, you have landed on the right page.

ProfileGrid a WordPress user profile plugin presents Profile Labels extension for WordPress websites. The extension helps in including additional data on WP user profiles in simple clicks. You can add an optional description, custom profile labels to WordPress, WordPress profile tags, and assign more than one label to one WP user profile. Let’s see how.

In this discussion, we have explained the features and stepwise procedure to install and utilize Profile Labels extension for your WordPress website. Read on to explore more.

Overview of Profile Labels ProfileGrid Extension

The Profile Labels extension is useful in including a label on user front end profile WordPress. With the help of this ProfileGrid extension, you can add relevant data, tag profiles, such as the designation of the user or job role. This helps in displaying extra information on the tag profile page of every user, which can be further utilized to search the user.

Imagine having to search QA analysts of your team individually. Wouldn’t it be easier to simply assign a designation label and search with designation whenever necessary?

Features of Profile Labels ProfileGrid Extension

The Profile Labels extension has multiple valuable features. We have discussed some of these features below:

  • Admin of the website can make default profile labels, which can be included in the profile of users while editing it.
  • It is possible to assign more than one Profile Label to more than one user. Just visit the dashboard and then the Members page for this task.
  • A group can also have more than one Profile Label. Both existing and new groups have this feature.
  • Admin can filter the members of the group according to particular profile labels. This is accessible through the Dashboard>Members page.
  • You can add an optional Description in your Profile Labels. This is visible when the viewer hovers over the Profile Label.
  • On the search page of your website, it is possible to filter users according to this Profile Label.
Stepwise Procedure to Install Profile Labels Extension

ProfileGrid WordPress user profile plugin offers multiple unpaid and paid extensions for users. One of the useful extensions is Profile Labels. To integrate Profile Labels extension to your WordPress, follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, visit the extensions page of ProfileGrid and find Profile Label from the Paid Extensions Menu. After this, click on Purchase and Activate the extension on your WordPress admin.

Try Profile Labels Extension

2. Once you have activated the extension, go to the Profile Labels page to add labels to user profiles. Here, click on New Label.

3. On the following page, you need to include the details of the corresponding label.

Add the Title of the label, as shown in the below image. This Title would be visible on the wordpress front end profile where the Profile Label is placed.

4. After adding the Title, type a Description of the Profile Label, which would be visible once the user hovers over the Label. However, this Description is optional. Hence, if you don’t want to add a Description, you can skip this field.

5. Finally, after adding the Title and Description, you need to select the Fill Color and Border Color to decide the look and feel of your Profile Label.

6. That’s all. Once you have added these details, you can Save the label.

Simple, right?

In just a few steps, you can add labels to your user profile in WordPress.

If you wish to edit the label, you can do it by going to Extensions of your ProfileGrid Plugin and then visiting Profile Label.

It is also possible to delete one or multiple Profile Labels at once. Just select it and click on Delete.

Profile Labels

Assign a Profile Label to a User
  1. Go to the Dashboard and then the Members page of your ProfileGrid Plugin. From there, select one or multiple users to assign Profile Label.

Profile Labels

2. Now, from the above menu, click on Assign Label to assign labels to profiles. You will get options to select the Profile Label by just clicking in the box. All the available options would appear automatically.

Profile Labels

You can also check the color-coding of the labels here, which we had selected in Step 5 above.

3. Finally, click on Assign, and your new settings would be saved to your WordPress.

Profile Labels

You can also assign more than one Profile Label to a single user.


On WordPress, plugins, and extensions enhance the features and capabilities of your website. ProfileGrid is an amazing plugin that helps in making a community of users, WooCommerce customer profile, ultimate member user profile, WordPress member profile, WordPress custom user profile, WordPress front end profile, and much more. Through this plugin, you can integrate add-on features, such as Instagram Integration, Profile Labels, Group Photos, you can create a user profile in WordPress. These extensions empower the website admin to simplify working and improve process workflow. The Profile Labels extension is beneficial in including descriptions and labels to user pages. Read the above steps to know how you can integrate this extension into your WordPress. If you still face glitches, contact us through the below comment box. We would reach out to you soon.



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