ProfileGrid Zapier Integration

Zapier allows the end-users to integrate web applications that can create various triggers on-site.

The ProfileGrid-Zapier extension allows integrating ProfileGrid with Zapier. It allows to create the trigger and obtain the data from those triggers using the web application and use that data for different actions.

ProfileGrid Zapier integration provides 13 triggers and 1 action as of now, and more will be added in the future.

You need to install and activate the ProfileGrid core plugin and ProfileGrid Zapier extension.


Following are the steps for integration:

1) After activating the plugin and extension, go to “ProfileGrid >> Global Settings >> Zapier Integration” from the dashboard and enable the option “Enable Zapier Integration”. Once you activate the option, you will get the ‘API Key‘ to connect with Zapier zaps.


Zapier Setting
2) Open the Zapier website ( and log in to your account.

3) Next, go to ‘Zaps‘.


Zaps Creation


4) Click on ‘Create Zap’, then click on ‘Create a Custom Zap’ on the following screen.


5) Then search for ‘ProfileGrid’ from the App Event search box.



6) Now, choose ‘App and trigger’ (Triggers provided by extension will be listed here).


7)  After choosing the triggers, select the account to which you want to integrate.

If you already have that particular website added in Zapier then select it.


If you want to add a new website, then choose the option ‘Connect a new account’ and insert the details like API (which you got from the above steps i.e. ProfileGrid >> Global Settings >> Zapier Integration) and site URL address.




8) Once the details are inserted, click ‘Yes’.

Continue with the process.

9) Now, a screen will appear to test the triggers, click on that and it will show if it is connected with the website and show a few sample responses.


Follow the process by clicking on ‘Continue‘.



10) Upon clicking on ‘Continue‘, it will ask to set actions that you want to perform for certain triggers.

Here you may choose any action for a particular trigger from the list of triggers.

You may choose the actions and the triggers according to your likes with the option to select on which account you want to perform that action.



Follow the process and upon finishing click on ‘Turn on Zap’.




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