How to Automatically Assign Groups to Users When a WooCommerce Subscription is Purchased by them?

Looking for an easy guide to automatically assign WooCommerce users group?

We’ve got your back! After talking to some WordPress and WooCommerce experts, we have come up with an ultimate solution to assign groups on WooCommerce purchase! Not only that, but we have also put together an easy guide to automatically assign WooCommerce users group and create a WP membership for your WooCommerce website. Let’s dig in!


The ultimate solution to automatically assign WooCommerce users group

ProfileGrid WordPress groups plugin helps in creating various communities and WP user groups. It is one of the best WooCommerce membership plugins. By installing the ProfileGrid WordPress membership plugin, you will get multiple functionalities and features in the form of various extensions. 

One such amazing extension of ProfileGrid is WooCommerce Subscription Integration. WooCommerce Subscription integration extension helps to automatically assign WooCommerce Users Group and create a subscription type of products on your WordPress website.

Introducing WooCommerce Subscription Integration

The WooCommerce Subscription Integration extension by ProfileGrid lets you automatically assign WooCommerce Users Group. Also, you can add a user to the ProfileGrid group(s) when a WooCommerce subscription is purchased by the user and it automatically removes the user from the ProfileGrid group(s) when the subscription expires. For instance, if you want to reward your users for purchasing any particular product, as a reward you can make them a member of a particular group or WP user groups.

You can choose this extension, to give extra benefits to your users. To get the benefits of the WooCommerce groups, the user needs to renew the subscription.  can easily add members to a group based on how much purchase they made; the amount. You can also add members to a group according to the number of products purchased.

Benefits of Integrating the WooCommerce Subscription Integration Extension

You can integrate the WooCommerce Subscription integration extension to assign the WordPress user groups to the users based on products purchased in WooCommerce. Before installing the extension, you need to make sure that you have to activate a few plugins such as WooCommerce, ProfileGrid WordPress membership plugin, and WooCommerce Subscriptions. Continuing the discussion, we will discuss in detail the features and benefits of the WooCommerce Subscription Integration extension along with its stepwise installation procedure. Let’s take a look. 

Features of WooCommerce Subscription Integration

The WooCommerce Subscription Integration extension has various features related to the WooCommerce group assignment that you can utilize on your website. Here are some of these features:

  • On the basis of the subscription, you can assign one or more than one group to this user.
  • You can disable or enable groups for an individual if they have purchased a particular product.
  • Based on the purchase amount of a user on WooCommerce, one or more than one group can be assigned to a user.
  • A closed group can be assigned to the users automatically without seeking admin approval

After knowing in detail about the subscription integration extension, let’s discuss how to install the WooCommerce Subscription Integration Extension.

Step-by-Step Procedure to Install WooCommerce Subscription Integration

If you already have a ProfileGrid WordPress community plugin on your admin, then it is highly likely that you know the process of installing its extensions, such as WooCommerce Product Integration. However, for your convenience, we have explained the process below. Check out:

  • To start with, firstly, purchase the WooCommerce Subscription Integration extension by ProfileGrid WordPress community plugin. You can find it on the extensions page of the ProfileGrid website.
    Try ProfileGrid
  • Click on more information and then purchase.
  • Now complete the payment procedure and check out from the payment gateway page. 
  • Now, on your WordPress dashboard, Go to Plugins, and click on the Add New option.
  • Upload the zip file of the downloaded extension from your computer and click on install.

Now, activate this WordPress community plugin to start using it on your WordPress website. Now we will discuss, how to use this extension on your WordPress website. 

How to automatically assign WooCommerce Users Group when WooCommerce Subscription is purchased by them?

  1. Once you have activated the extension, go to the ProfileGrid >> Global Settings and search for WooCommerce Subscription Integration. Click on the same to access the settings.
  2. This will redirect you to the WooCommerce Product/Subscription Integration settings page.
  3. The first option on this page is “Enable Group in WooCommerce Product/Subscription”
  4. Enable this option to add the user in a group associated with product/subscription on order complete with WooCommerce.
  5. This will activate the list of default WordPress user groups. You can click on the desired group.Automatically Assign WooCommerce Users Group
  6. Tick the check box, if you want to allow users to join the closed WooCommerce customer groups without administrator approval
  7. After making the required settings click on the Save button.

In Conclusion

If you want to automatically assign WooCommerce Users Group to your website users as a reward when they purchase WooCommerce Subscription, you need to install the WooCommerce Subscription Integration extension. You just need to follow a few simple steps given above to assign groups to the users whenever they buy any product or purchase a subscription. The task of assigning WooCommerce customer groups based on WooCommerce customer buying behavior is quite a difficult task.

Hence, you can add WooCommerce Subscription Integration to your WordPress website, and customize your user experience with this amazing plugin in a hassle-free manner. Not only that ProfileGrid WordPress group membership plugin offers many more WooCommerce extensions. For example, WooCommerce group discount, WooCommerce membership, ultimate member WordPress extensions, and more. In case you face issues while installing the extension or ProfileGrid WordPress user groups plugin, then comment below. We would soon reach out to you with a solution.



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