How to Allow Multiple Group Managers on your WordPress Website

ProfileGrid is a renowned members plugin WordPress, which is power-packed with a wide array of extensions and features. Although it is a user profile builder plugin, it is also used to create groups on your website. Groups are quite equivalent to the profile pages but they have different profile structures that can be adopted by different types of users. Continuing the discussion, in this blog we will talk about how to manage groups of a WordPress website and how to allow multiple group managers to control a group using the ProfileGrid plugin. 

Overview of Multiple Group Managers Extension

Creating WooCommerce customer groups and other types of groups has many benefits such as you can have multiple user profiles in a group,  you can set customized fields for each group,  each group can be operated by a Group Manager or you can allow multiple group managers to access or control a group. 

Although there are multiple extensions and plugins available online, ProfileGrid members WordPress plugin is the best option to have an amazing WordPress website building experience. When you download ProfileGrid, a few extensions come handy with the plugin. One of them is Multiple Group Managers. Using this extension, you can unlock the ability to have more than one manager for your ProfileGrid WordPress User Groups. 

Features of Multiple Group Managers Extension
  • Assign more than one managers for a User Group
  • First of all, assign one Primary Manager  to a group
  • Then assign Secondary Managers to let the group managed and controlled by more than one member
  • Primary Manager has the authority to assign Secondary Managers the authority to manage and control a group
  • After setting primary and secondary managers name, the assigned managers will have the same control over the group activities
  • Only the users of a group can be assigned as its Managers
  • Whenever you assign or remove a user as Manager, a system-generated message will be sent as a notification to the user
  • Click on the “Make Group Manager” link on a user profile settings tab to make the user as the Manager of the group
Step by Step Procedure of Using Multiple Group Managers
  1. Once you have installed ProfileGrid members WordPress plugin, go to the ProfileGrid plugin option available on the left menu of your WordPress dashboard.

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  2. When you rotate your cursor on the ProfileGrid Option, you will find a submenu will appear with multiple options such as ProfileGrid, Members, Requests, Email Templates, Shortcodes, Global settings, and more.
  3. Click on the Members option. It will redirect you to the Members page of the website.
  4. On the right side of the page, you will find a Select Group drop-down option. Select the default user group WordPress.
  5. A default user group WordPress will appear on your screen with the complete information about the group say, number of members, group managers, and details of the group.
  6. On the left panel of the group page, you will find certain options such as Group, Members, Blogs, and Managers. Go to Managers. The manager settings page will appear on your screen.
  7. There you will find an Add button. Once you click on the Add button, the Add Group Manager pop up screen will appear. Here you can type the names of the group members to make them the managers of the group.
  8. This is the first way to add multiple managers to a group.
  9. Now go to the Members option of the same Group Page. You will find the list of all the members of the group.
  10. In front of the name of each member, you will find a settings icon. Click on the settings icon, you will find four options there namely, Reset Password, Message, Edit Profile, and Make Group Manager. Multiple Group Managers
  11. Simply click on the Make Group Manager Icon to make that member the Manager of the Group.
Final Words

Why stay limited to only one Manager per Group when a group can have multiple managers? Unlock the ProfileGrid WordPress groups plugin’s extension Multiple Group Managers and you would have the ability to have more than one Managers for any WooCommerce customer groups or WordPress User Groups. If you too want to give the extra privilege of a manager to a member of a group, all you need to do is, follow the above-mentioned steps and you will be all sorted. Your website group will be controlled and managed by more than one Manager. You can explore other features of ProfileGrid members plugin WordPress like WordPress user role, menu restriction, user group WordPress, and know how you can enhance your website functionalities with ProfileGrid. 

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