How To Create A Grid Of All Users Avatars In One Banner On Your WordPress Website?

Looking for a way to add a WordPress hero banner?

Installed a new WordPress theme and enabled user profiles on it, but still not able to add a banner image containing user avatars? After working on your website for a few weeks or months, you are finally ready to launch it for your users. But, not being able to add banner to WordPress of user avatar profiles is a major setback. However, you don’t have to worry, as you can use the user hero banner WordPress extension by ProfileGrid.


A unique user hero banner WordPress extension

ProfileGrid is a simple yet valuable plugin that helps in adding user-profiles and groups to your WordPress website. This plugin has a set of extensions to help you extend the functionality of your website. One such wonderful extension is the hero banner, which allows adding a strip of user profile pictures as a banner on your WordPress.

Using this WordPress banner extension, you can include various columns and rows of user profile avatars. You only need to install the extension from our website and start using it.

Let’s see what are its features and how you can install this amazing extension.

Features of Hero Banner WordPress

Here are some outstanding features of WordPress hero banner:

  • As an admin, you can install a WordPress website banner and create a banner for more than one group profile of your website.
  • You can also select one group or more than one group to extract user avatars so that that homepage hero banner can be designed.
  • As per your requirements and choice, you can add various columns and rows to your WordPress site banner.
  • If the number of profile avatars is less in the starting, you can repeat profile avatars or use dummy avatar profiles for your WordPress banner widget.

How to Install WordPress Hero Banner and Use User Hero Banner WordPress?

If you want to utilize this WordPress header banner on your website, then check out how you can install it. Here are the details for the installation and setup of the website hero banner.

1. To add a banner to WordPress, visit our website, and install this extension of ProfileGrid for free. You don’t need to pay any charge to start using this extension.

Install Plugin

Try ProfileGrid

2. Once the extension is installed on your website, go to your Admin Menu. Here, from the Appearance, click on Widgets.

Go to Widget

3. Find the top banner WordPress under the name of Hero Banner from the list of widgets. From the drop-down, select Sidebar, and Add Widget.

Add Widget

4. After adding the widget, you will find the user hero banner WordPress in the Sidebar column, which is placed on the right of all widgets.


How to Change Settings

From here, you can change the settings of your hero banner.

1. Let’s start with Title. Add a Title name for your hero banner.

Add Title

2. After adding the Title, add a Heading and Sub Heading, both of which will be displayed on top of your hero banner examples.

Add Heading and Sub Heading

3. You can also select the background color of both Heading and Sub Heading.

Select Background Color

4. Once you have added the Heading and Sub Heading successfully, you can choose the Button Text and Button Link to customize the CTA or link on your hero banner. You can also select how this link will open: in the Parent Tab or in a New Tab.

Add Button

4. After deciding the text and CTA of the user hero banner WordPress, choose the number of Rows and Columns in your hero banner.

Add Number of Rows and Columns

5. As discussed in features, you can also add Dummy Images or Repeat Images to your banner if the number of user avatars is few.

Choose Image Settings

6. Finally, you can add a hero banner for users of one group, multiple groups, or all the groups.

Select Groups

7. Save the changes and check the hero banner on your WordPress website from the frontend.

User Hero Banner WordPress


Through these valuable features, you can extend the functionalities of your website and improve user interaction. Your group users would love to analyze who else is on the website through this hero banner on the home page.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out the above steps to utilize the WordPress banner for free on your website, and in case you face issues, reach out to us in the comment box. We will get back with expert advice on adding a user hero banner to your WordPress.


  1. Philip Purves

    Hi , how can I change the speed of the image swaps on the hero banner. Its way too fast at the present.

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      Currently, the speed of the image swaps on the hero banner cannot be changed. We have noted this requirement and forwarded it to our development team for possible changes in a future update.

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