How to Add WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs?

This article demonstrates an easy tutorial to add WooCommerce custom product tabs.

The eCommerce landscape has evolved a lot in the past year. The advent of the pandemic, adoption of digital transformation, and popularity of online purchases have allowed eCommerce vendors to take big leaps.

Customizing product tabs is one such step taken by the eCommerce websites to provide a much more personalized experience for the customers. 

To incorporate WooCommerce custom product tabs into your website you can utilize the WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs extension by ProfileGrid Memberships.

The extension enables you to add custom tab in WooCommerce product page. Additionally, it allows you to enable and disable the tabs anytime you want. Explore all the features of this extension below.


Overview of WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs

Custom products tabs for WooCommerce is an extension of the ProfileGrid plugin, that helps you add custom tabs to your WooCommerce website.

In addition to that, the extension boasts various other features such as WooCommerce product tabs shortcode, sending the message to seller of a product, and more. 

You can utilize this pre-made extension to enhance conversions on your WooCommerce products. 

Features of WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs

Here are some of the key features of this WooCommerce product tabs extension:

  • Coding free process to add WooCommerce custom tabs in WordPress.
  • Enable or disable this option for all the WooCommerce products.
  • Allow users to message the seller, who is offering a particular product.
  • Allow users to check the group details on a product. 
  • Enable the seller details tab if you use the plugin WC Vendor Marketplace.  
  • The extension works with ProfileGrid WooCommerce Product Integration.

How to add custom tab in WooCommerce product page? 

To add WooCommerce custom tabs on product page, download and install the Profilegrid WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs extension along with ProfileGrid WooCommerce Product Integration.

Try WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs!

However, if you already have the premium or premium+ version of ProfileGrid Membership, you do not need to download the extensions separately. Both the packages include the extension.

Once installed, follow the steps below:

Step1: Go to the WordPress backend, hover your cursor over the ProfileGrid menu and click on ‘Custom Tabs.’

woocommerce custom tabs on product page

Step2: Click on ‘New Tabs’ to add WooCommerce product tabs.

woocommerce product tabs

Step3: Add a title for the tab and select from where you wish to fetch user-created content.

woocommerce product tabs

Step4: Furthermore, select the post type from the drop-down.

woocommerce product tabs

Step5: You can also set the privacy of the WooCommerce custom tabs on product page.

woocommerce custom tabs on product page

Step6: Additionally, you can select specific users, groups, and roles to whom the tab will be visible.

woocommerce custom tabs on product page

Step7: Once saved, it will display the WooCommerce custom tabs on the frontend.

woocommerce custom product tabs

Step8: Here you can see that the tab is not visible to a user who is not a member of the group.

woocommerce custom product tabs

Frontend examples of custom tabs in WordPress

Example1: Here is an example of custom tabs for Messages.

woocommerce custom product tabs

Example2: Here is another example of event bookings custom product tabs for WooCommerce.

woocommerce custom product tabs

Similarly, you can create multiple WooCommerce custom tabs on product page.

Ending Note

ProfileGrid’s WooCommerce custom product tabs extension makes your task simpler. Moreover, you can enable a custom tab anytime you want, you can customize it for a user group, and it is even possible to disable these tabs.

Additionally, the extension is easy to use and requires no coding. You can further use WooCommerce product tabs shortcode to publish the tabs.

You can explore other WooCommerce extensions that can help you enhance the features of your WooCommerce website.

If you face any issues, you can always connect with us through the comment box below. Our team of experts will reach out to you with the best solution.


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