Take Your bbPress To The Next Level With ProfileGrid!

Know how you can enhance the functionalities of bbPress!

WordPress bbPress plugin is a forum software designed by the WordPress community. When we need to install a bulletin board or a forum software on our website or make a website that is all about bulletin or forum community, then bbPress is the right choice. It is simple, quick, and flexible for use, and we can easily integrate this WordPress bbPress plugin to our website.

But, that’s not it. While this bbPress plugin on WordPress is all about simplicity, you can extend its features with the ProfileGrid plugin.

ProfileGrid is a WordPress membership plugin that helps in creating communities, groups, user profiles, and memberships on your website. Let’s explore how the two make a perfect blend.


Have You Integrated WordPress bbPress plugin?

bbPress plugin on WordPress offers you two choices:

  • We can create an entire WordPress website as a forum.
  • We can also add the bbPress forum as a small section of the existing website.

In both the options, you can receive the following features of the bbPress plugin on WordPress:

  • bbPress plugin is an open-source platform, which can be utilized unlimited times.
  • It is compatible with various WordPress themes.
  • The code source of the bbPress plugin is the same as that of WordPress.
  • The bbPress plugin of WordPress is designed to be extremely lightweight and quick.
  • 300000+ users utilize this bbPress plugin all over the world.
  • It is possible to integrate bbPress to various websites and manage everything from one dashboard.
  • There are hundreds and hundreds of extensions for bbPress customization.


How You Can Extend the Capabilities of bbPress with ProfileGrid Plugin?

When you want to improve the features and functionalities of your WordPress bbPress plugin, integrate it with the ProfileGrid plugin. ProfileGrid helps you create an entire community, containing a forum, groups, user profiles, social wall, group wall, group pictures, user blogs, etc.

Features of ProfileGrid

Here are some features of the ProfileGrid WordPress subscription plugin:

  • Create various user groups for various different user profiles, sign-up procedures, and different directories.
  • Privacy settings can be added to the website through the WordPress community plugin to selectively show content to group users. For instance, sharing content to only one group and its users.
  • When you want to include paid subscriptions, ProfileGrid helps you add paid sign-ups for different user groups. There can be a multi-level payment or subscription structure.
  • Add images to the groups through the Group Photos extension and create a wall of a group through the Group Wall extension.
  • By integrating the bbPress plugin with the ProfileGrid WordPress community plugin, we can add a forum option to user profiles.

Using bbPress Integration Extension

Integrating ProfileGrid with the WordPress bbPress plugin is simpler because of PG extensions. The bbPress integration extension allows users to sign up with the profile of the bbPress forum, and use features and functionalities of both bbPress and ProfileGrid together.

  • Integrate and use bbPress profiles of users to ProfileGrid profiles.
  • Include a forum tab on the user profiles, such that it can be accessed by users to view the bbPress activity log.
  • When a user starts a topic, check the overview of this under Topics Started.
  • When a user responds, check the overview of responses under Replies Created.
  • Allow users to handle their forum subscriptions.
  • Allow users to handle their favorite channels or forum topics.
  • Decide on groups that can or cannot have a forum tab on user profiles.


Installing bbPress Integration Extension

The first thing you need to do is install the ProfileGrid plugin. After installing the ProfileGrid plugin on your WordPress, you need to install its bbPress Integration extension. Here’s the process:

1. Open the following link on your computer and download the extension for free.

WordPress bbPress plugin


2. After downloading, go to your Admin Panel and then Plugins to install the extension of PG.

WordPress bbPress plugin

3. Once installed, you just need to open the Global Settings of the ProfileGrid plugin.

WordPress bbPress plugin

4. Here, find bbPress Integration and click on it.

WordPress bbPress plugin

5. Now, Enable bbPress.

WordPress bbPress plugin

6. You will get multiple options after this, which will allow you to enable the below options:

  • Enable Forum Tab; enables Forum tab for profiles of certain groups.
  • Members Can Create New Topics; allows members of a group to create new forum topics.
  • Members Can Create New Replies; allows members of a group to create replies for forum topics.

To access these options, go to Settings of any ProfileGrid’s group.

WordPress bbPress plugin

8. Save changes and enjoy the Forum option on ProfileGrid user profiles.

If you wish to utilize the ProfileGrid bbPress extension to the fullest, use this How-To article to explore it.


WordPress has a range of options for forum plugins, and one most preferred choice of users is the WordPress bbPress plugin. Using this WordPress plugin, you can help like-minded individuals to stay connected and enhance the manner in which your users interact. Integrate this plugin with the ProfileGrid WordPress community plugin and receive the capability to create groups, communities, allow paid memberships, etc.

If you have any doubts about the implementation of the bbPress plugin with the ProfileGrid plugin, then reach out to us through the comment box.



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