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Users Driven Group and Community Events On WordPress Site

If you are looking to enable users to create group events, you are on the right place! However, website owners find it quite difficult to incorporate these functionalities due to lack technical knowledge. Well, what if we say you need no technical experience to do so. Moreover, you just need an extension! The extension we are talking about is Group Events extension. Interested? Here, explore the insights on how you can enable your users to create group events on your WordPress website with this amazing extension. 

We have accumulated all the detailed information on how to set up the Group Events extension on your website profile page and publish your first event in this blog. The blog covers a quick glimpse at the installation and activation process and the step-by-step procedure of using the extension to create group events. Let’s get started!  

Overview of Group Events Extension

GroupEvent is an amazing extension by ProfileGrid. This extension features an event calendar from where you can add and edit the group events in a fraction of minutes. Further this extension gives you a seamless experience of event management. In addition to that you can easily examine how events will appear to the users on their profile. Moreover, this extension has a few more striking features that can make your website go plain to fancy!


Steps to enable users to create group events


Step 1 – Installation & Activation

To create an event on your website and enable users to create group events, you need to first install and activate the Group Events Extension on your WordPress website. For this, go to the extensions page. Below the head “Core Extensions”, you will find ‘Group Events’. Simply install and activate to get access to the extension on your website.  

 Once the extension is activated, you can click the extension to access the ‘Events’ setting screen. This is a  home screen, from where you can easily set the event properties. Also, you will notice that there’s a calendar on this page with no current events.  

Group Events

Step 2- Creating a New Event

To create your first event, click on the ‘Add New’ option, available at the top left of the Events screen, or, click on any date in the calendar for which you want to create an event. This will give you access to a ‘Add New Event’ pop-up form on your screen where you can enter all the required event details such as event’s title, start date, end date, and click on the ‘Save’ link available at the bottom of the form.

Group Events

Once the event is created, you will find a blue-colored bar on that particular date on the event calendar. The color of the event bar is the standard blue color of any event as no other type of event is created yet. Note that, you can also create different types of events to change the color of the event bars

Step 3 –  Assign the Event to Specific ProfileGrid user Group

After creating an event using the EventPrime Integration, go to the settings of the Event and below the Integration head, click on ProfileGrid option. For a clear understanding, refer the below image:

Group Events

Step 4 – Link the Event with the Required User Group

Once, you click on the Profile Grid Integration option, a pop-up screen will appear which helps you to select the ProfileGrid user groups to which this event will belong. From the drop-down menu, click the desired group and click on ‘Save’

Group Events


Step 5 – Check whether the Event is Set for a Particular Group

All existing registered users automatically get a membership of a default user group. Group Admin can easily modify or edit the groups. If you are a member of the group and want to leave that group, simply click on Leave Group. Under any particular group, a user can access the Events tab, to check the events assigned to that particular Group.


Enable Users to Create Group Events- Group Events

Step 6 – Notification of the Upcoming Events on User’s Profile

After creating an event for a particular group, all the members of a Group will get Notification on their profiles. This happens every time whenever a new Event is added to their Group. Under the ‘Event Bookings’ tab, users can find the list of events, if associated with the particular group for which the event is created.

Enable Users to Create Group Events- Group Events

Step 7 – Check Event Booking Details on Profile

To check the transaction details, click on the bookings tab on the profile page. Also, look over the booking details. The ‘Event Bookings’ tab will also show the list of events and their payment details.


Enable Users to Create Group Events- Group Events


Why to keep your wordpress website limited when you can spice it up with so many functionalities? Spice up your website with some amazing functionalities like enable users to create group events, creating user driven groups, event calendar, and much more with Group Events Extension!


  1. Ali Asghar Parsa

    Hi, I’ve been following the instructions step by step, but the problem is the event is still visible for everyone in the other groups, and even for non-users. How can i hide the specified group events from others?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      As of now, events of a group will be visible to all members. EventPrime integration extension, send the notification to that group members which you assign for a event.

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