Make your WordPress Membership Theme Ready for 2021 with ProfileGrid

Are you looking to enhance the features of your WordPress membership theme?

Your search ends here! If you are looking for creating your own membership community a good WordPress membership theme is a must-have. But is that enough?

There are many membership themes you can choose from that come with the basic membership site features. But only the right WordPress membership plugin can give it some must-have advanced features.


What is a WordPress Membership Theme?

wordpress membership theme

Let’s start with knowing what is a membership theme? Membership themes are useful for websites that require subscription or paid membership sign-ups. WordPress themes can help you set up the same for your website.

Your membership website cannot grow just by installing a WordPress membership theme. For adding advanced features such as User profile, user groups, member login/logout your site requires a membership plugin.

A membership theme without a WordPress member profile plugin is just not enough. This missing feature can keep you far behind in building your membership community.

This is where the ProfileGrid membership plugin comes into the picture. It is one of the best WordPress member profile plugins. To make your WordPress membership theme completely ready you need to install the ProfileGrid plugin.

What is ProfileGrid?

Wordpress membership plugin

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ProfileGrid by Metagauss is a membership plugin that lets you run your membership website with the highest efficiency. It is a WordPress user profiles plugin that helps you create beautiful profile pages on the frontend. On the other hand, it helps you in smoothly managing the backend.

There are many WordPress membership themes available for free e.g Divi WordPress theme, ThemeForest, Subscription box WordPress theme, etc. These themes need a membership plugin to make them work at their full potential.

From Memberships/Registrations to WooCommerce integration there is a long list of features that come with this plugin. No wonder it is the best WordPress user profile plugin.

It has options like User Groups, User Profiles, Shortcodes, extensions that are easily accessible and user-friendly. Getting started with ProfileGrid is super easy. All you need to do is install the plugin and start creating user-profiles and arrange groups as per your needs.

ProfileGrid is the best WordPress community plugin as it is absolutely user-friendly and highly efficient. It is the one-stop destination for its users to create the best membership website even if they are newbies.

There are many free WordPress membership themes available that do not offer premium plugins in their package. You should always opt for a paid membership plugin that offers you the whole deal, like ProfileGrid.

Features of ProfileGrid

ProfileGrid is a multi-functional WordPress membership plugin. It is also a user profiles plugin that can ideally help you with the membership theme.

  • ProfileGrid can easily handle all your members or groups of users as it can create specific fields for each group.
  • It places all groups in one place so that the end-users can apply to any group of their choice. On the frontend it also allows registered members to create their groups of choice.
  • It eases out the registration or subscription process by providing different registration forms. For more options in creating forms try the WordPress form plugin RegistrationMagic.
  • Further, the registration process is one of the most essential and easy-to-use features. There are 35 different custom fields to be filled in the form.
  • It also has an email mapping feature for different events for each user group.
  • When it comes to the Privacy of data ProfileGrid provides the Content restriction option. Content can be restricted on particular pages and posts.
  • In addition to that, ProfileGrid also has a Group directory option. This option gives you a user directory view where all the group information is displayed through user cards.

Add Value with ProfileGrid WordPress membership plugin

The ProfileGrid WordPress membership plugin comes with various extensions that only add to its usefulness. For example, here is a list of few unique extensions offered by ProfileGrid.

ProfileGrid Extensions

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  • Group Wall – This extension helps you to be socially active in user groups.
  • Stripe Payment System – What membership themes cannot offer is a secured payment getaway. This extension of ProfileGrid integrates the popular and secure Stripe Payment System.
  • Frontend Group Creator – This unique extension allows the users to create their choice of groups on the frontend. The groups created on the frontend behave like regular groups in the backend.
  • Social Login – This extension helps users to login into their personal social networking accounts.

Other extensions are Group Photos, User Display name, Custom Group Fields, Custom Profile tabs. Moreover, it offers premium integrations namely, bbPress integration, EventPrime, MailChimp, and the WooCommerce integration.

ProfileGrid has 7 different types of WooCommerce extensions and below is a listing of those extensions:

  • WooCommerce Integration
  • The WooCommerce Extensions Integration
  • A WooCommerce Wishlist extension
  • Product Integration for WooCommerce
  • WC Subscription Integration
  • WooComemrce Members Discount
  • And the WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs.


Making your WordPress membership theme ready with the best WordPress user profile plugin makes it a win-win for your website. In addition to that, ProfileGrid is the best WordPress membership plugin as it is the whole package.

ProfileGrid plugin ensures an easy sign-up process and gives you control of the data accessible to users. Further, ProfileGrid contains all the required membership templates, registration forms, useful extensions, and integrations.

Give any basic WordPress membership theme an upgrade with the ProfileGrid plugin and build the best membership community.

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