5+ Ways to Add Unique Features to Your Membership Community in 2021

Are you thinking about growing your Membership community? You’re on the right track.

Your membership community needs a push-up to take back its place in the market. The pandemic driven the year 2020 is not alien to us and has impacted the online community in mixed ways.

Membership communities are not new to the internet and certainly, there is no shortage of these communities. But to stand out from the crowd or lead the crowd you need to buck-up.

It doesn’t matter if you are newly joining the online membership community or already have created one. The best way to increase your member engagement is by adding unique value to your community.

This article is about exploring your options and how to add unique value to your membership community.

So, let’s not waste any time and get to it.


What is a Membership Community?

membership community

A membership community is a community-based membership site.

To understand what are membership communities you need to ask yourself how do I create a community online? An online community helps you in increasing member engagement.

The more member engagement the more benefits your membership website has. To build an online community first you need to identify your key customers and their needs. Then define a purpose or goal for your online community. (here your goal is to create a membership community)

Then you need to create an online membership community. Select the best membership community platform. Choose WordPress to build your membership website.

Once you create your membership site install the best WordPress user profile plugin ProfileGrid. This WordPress member profile plugin is ideal to boost up your membership site.

Make Your Membership Community A Hit with ProfileGrid


Try ProfileGrid

ProfileGrid is a WordPress user profile plugin built by Metagauss. This plugin will work wonders for your membership site. As it is a member/user profile plugin it helps you in maintaining better members engagement.

Your users will come to your site and want to register themselves but for that, they need a user-friendly interface. ProfileGrid serves you the most user-friendly frontend and backend functions.

It comes with many premium integrations and extensions to add more advanced features. From making a WooCommerce customer profile to WC product and subscription integration it has it all.

The cherry on top are the following 5 unique features of ProfileGrid to uplift your membership community:


Powerful Integrationswoocommerce customer profile

ProfileGrid comes with so many easy and quick to use features. The user profiles and user groups feature lets you handle all your users in one place. Also, the email templates, Shortcodes, global settings, and most importantly Extensions.

If you ask us, we would say the extensions of ProfileGrid seal the deal here. From basic extensions like user display name and group photos to powerful premium integrations, it sure does impress.

In addition to that, it comes with powerful integrations of various popular plugins. For example, WooCommerce, bbPress, Mailchimp, Stripe, PayPal, EventPrime, RegistrationMagic, and more.

Further, these powerful integrations allow your users to have the best shopping experience. Not only that but also an easy payment experience. With all these integrations your users can sign-up, shop, create groups, and stay socially connected as well.

ProfileGrid WooCommerce Members Discount

WooCommerce Members Discount

Try WooCommerce Member Discount

The ProfileGrid WooCommerce Members Discount is a group membership-based discount. Also, this extension allows the admin to add discounts. You can add discounts on various WooCommerce product purchases.

With the help of this extension,

  • Add specific amount or percentage of discount on the products.
  • You can enable or disable discounts of some sections.
  • Provide highest or lowest discount prices to members of multiple groups.
  • Allow displaying the text of the discounted prices on the frontend.

This ProfileGrid WooCommerce Members Discount extension just changes the aspects of community membership sites for the better.

Moreover, your community-based membership website can highly attract member engagement with the members’ discount extension.

Hero Banner

ProfileGrid Hero banner

Try Hero Banner

The distinctive ProfileGrid Hero Banner extension feature allows group profiles to be showcased as a striking hero image. In addition to that, Hero Banner means is an oversized web banner image displayed on the header of your webpage.

You can use the hero banner to create multiple group profiles on your membership website. Further, it also allows the users to fetch multiple profile images and create one single hero banner.

It can also be used to make Dummy profiles. Further, if you have only a few numbers of profiles in the group it can be a boon. The Hero Banner feature of ProfileGrid is a fun customization feature for a better viewing experience.

Menu Restrictions

Menu Restriction

Try Menu Restriction

ProfileGrid Menu Restrictions can be used to show or hide menu items on your membership site. In addition to that, with menu restrictions, you can mark particular menu items to be hidden or visible to certain groups.

Moreover, create menu items for specific Group Managers of certain selected groups only. You can also combine it with ProfileGrid’s content restriction system to strengthen the data privacy of the site.

Further, Menu Restrictions is highly efficient and useful to keep the data of your users safe.



Try Geolocation

ProfileGrid Geolocation extension adds the location mapping feature where you can see the user’s location info. Also, it allows you to add Google Maps on your membership site to display the location of each user.

The map can be added by using simple Shortcodes to view the location of a specific user or group. Further, the Geolocation feature is capable of picking up data automatically from the group registration forms.

To display the map on any page of your choice all you need to do is use [PM_USERS_MAP] Shortcode. Further, you can also customize the shortcode result by using different parameters. E.g., you can use parameters like gid, exclude_users, relative_time, info_popup.


ProfileGrid has emerged as the best WordPress user profile plugin. The premium features of ProfileGrid are not available in many other WordPress profile plugins.

Moreover, the unique features of ProfileGrid will add value to your membership community and help it grow. With powerful integrations like WooCommerce, Content, and Menu restrictions options one cannot see a downside here.

Try ProfileGrid for Free!

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