Why is it the right time to switch your WordPress membership plugin?

Not satisfied with your current WP membership plugin? Want to switch to the best subscription plugin WordPress?

Don’t wait! This is the right time to monetize your website. Adding the best WordPress membership plugin to your WordPress website is the best option. It will help you add more members to your club or group. But, to do so, you need a proven name in the industry to grab the attention of potential members. And, this does not happen overnight. However, once you have set yourself as a “renowned name” in the niche industry, people will definitely approach you to be a part of your renowned group. 

WordPress membership plugin

In WordPress, every functionality is attained by adding plugins. Membership WordPress plugins are not exceptional. No matter how big your website or how deep your pocket is, you will definitely get the ultimate member plugin of your choice. Continuing the discussion, let’s dig into the world of WordPress community plugins.


What is a WordPress membership plugin?

WordPress membership plugin

A WordPress membership plugin helps you to protect your website content from the general public and reserve it only for group members. This is done by uploading the content behind a payment gateway. Content restriction is the best way to add value to your content. You can use it as the best marketing strategy to attract people to sign in. 

A typical wp membership depends on a recurring payment method. You can set different payment criteria using the WordPress subscription payment plugin depending on the membership levels. People build different types of membership websites using simple membership plugin WordPress such as associations, content-related subscriptions, product or service subscriptions, online courses, online communities, and many more.

How to Choose the best Membership Plugin WordPress?

Finding the right WordPress membership plugin or free membership plugin for your website is a difficult task especially when there are thousands of options available online. When we look for WordPress membership plugins, the majority of them work exactly the same in terms of their core functionality. But, when we go into detail, the decision making gets tough. However, while choosing the right WordPress memberships plugin for your websites, always check:

  • Does it support an email marketing platform?
  • Can members buy multiple courses?

Once you start asking such sorts of questions, you will be able to figure out the best option for your website. Though the process is difficult, it is important to make the right choice for a WordPress community plugin. It will not only serve your current requirements but also help you in the long run.

Why switch your WordPress membership plugin to ProfileGrid?

Besides the reasons that are mentioned above, there are plenty of reasons that will let you use the ProfileGrid membership plugin on your WordPress website. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Welcome pages and login pages
  • Automated emails & notifications
  • Third-party integrations
  • Website security & SSL
  • Mobile ready & responsive design
  • Payment gateways
  • Community forums
  • Member analytics
  • User-friendly interface and many more. 

A fully-functional memberships plugin is always designed with the mindset of helping people to build and run your WordPress membership website.  Also, when you buy membership plugins such as ProfileGrid, you need not buy an array of WordPress plugins. Whether you want to charge the users to access a group or want your content available for a fee, ProfileGrid got you covered. With ProfileGrid’s in-built payment system along with the content restriction features and group settings, you can get a great membership solution for WordPress. Continuing the discussion, let’s take a closer look at the ProfileGrid WordPress community plugin features that will surely allure you to download it. 

ProfileGrid – Right Membership Plugin for You!

WordPress membership plugin

Try ProfileGrid

ProfileGrid is the best membership plugin that will let you create a stunning membership site right from the scratch. From beautiful profile pages to e-commerce features, the plugin will help you build a professional and fully-functional website. The member accounts created with ProfileGrid can easily interact with each other, sell products, and can also post blogs from their frontend profiles. 

 Moreover, the simple membership plugin WordPress comes with some inherent features such as Global Settings, user profile management, email templates, shortcodes, and an array of extensions. The extensions of the plugin offer a one-click solution to your website. Activate any one of them and you are fine to go. All the features together make ProfileGrid one of the best subscription plugin WordPress. To shed more light on the best subscription plugin WordPress, let’s talk about its key feature. 


  • Using ProfileGrid, you can generate map locations of groups or users, 
  • Set up a Stripe payment system for users using WordPress subscription payment plugin extension
  • Allow registered users to create groups on the frontend
  • Helps to create different profile fields for each group.
  • Create different registration forms with different registration approvals
  • Set different registration prices for each group 
  • Helps create privacy settings to restrict content.
  • Filter user accounts on the basis of their groups.
  • Set up a Group administrator with privileges to edit Group settings and priorities and more. 

To incorporate the above features to boost your website, install ProfileGid extensions. For example, easy integration of WooCommerce membership plugin, MailChimp, and bbPress. Also, WordPress forum plugins, WordPress profile plugin, WordPress user profiles, and more.

In Conclusion

ProfileGrid is a right example of a user-friendly plugin that is compatible with WordPress. It gives complete leverage to users to create a highly efficient membership site even if you don’t have knowledge about coding. Its array of user-friendly features such as predefined shortcodes, extensions, and global settings are the popular ones behind its increasing popularity. If you too are looking to switch to the best WordPress memberships plugin, ProfileGrid is the right choice. 



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