Optimize your Summer Camp theme with ProfileGrid Memberships

A summer camp theme comes with various aesthetic features and functionalities that can help you beautify your summer camp website.

However, to enhance the user experience and add functionalities such as user profiles, memberships, communities, subscriptions, payments, forms, events, and more, you will need ProfileGrid Memberships.

ProfileGrid memberships is a WordPress user profile plugin that can help you enhance the functionalities of your summer camp theme. 

Additionally, you can create memberships, accept payments, create forms, create events, restrict content, create communities, and more. 


Overview and features of ProfileGrid Memberships

ProfileGrid Memberships is a striking plugin that offers a bucket full of features and functionalities.

It is loaded with several extensions such as groups, communities, and memberships that let you run your summer camp website with the highest efficiency.

Additionally, it not only lets you create beautiful profile pages but also helps you manage your program from the backend smoothly. 

Moreover, you can also explore some digital tools by clicking here to grow your summer camp and interact with kids online.

Key features of ProfileGrid

ProfileGrid Memberships is a multi-functional plugin that can ideally help you strengthen the functionalities of your summer camp theme.

  • Create WordPress user registration, multiple profiles, communities, and groups.
  • Check the overview of all the groups from the backend of your website.
  • Analyze all the data and profiles that are related to any group using group cards. 
  • Simultaneously manage staff groups, parents’ groups, members’ groups, and other groups easily.
  • Every group on your summer camp theme can have user-defined fields.
  • Assign multiple group managers for different groups.
  • All group managers can have a privacy level with respect to the group members and more.
  • Additionally, restrict Content extension will help you to restrict the various levels of content on your website. 
  • You can also create a WordPress registration form.
  • Option to sign up or request membership for any particular or multiple groups.
  • Set the visibility settings of the groups such as open or closed, public or private.
  • Closed or private groups require membership approval either from admin or group managers.

Further, you can explore all the features of this plugin here.

Extensions of ProfileGrid Memberships that can help optimize a summer camp theme

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This plugin comes with an array of extensions that helps to add functionalities to your summer camp WordPress theme.

Login/Logout Menu, WordPress Content Restriction, Forget Password, Messaging, WooCommerce Integration, and WooCommerce registration form are a few to name.

Here is a list of a few unique extensions that can be vital for a summer camp theme:

User Profiles and Groups

wordpress ecommerce theme

This feature is a part of the core plugin. It enables you to create, edit, and manage frontend user profiles, groups, and communities. Here are a few highlights of this feature.

Allow summer camp attendees to:

  • Create user profiles
  • Create groups
  • Join/leave groups
  • Upload a profile image and cover image
  • Post updates
  • Add friends
  • Share profile reviews
  • Send messages
  • Get group activity notifications
  • Social login
  • Share group photos
  • Upload blog posts
  • Assign/remove group managers

Summer camp organizers can:

  • Manage groups from the backend
  • Create or delete groups
  • Assign/remove group managers
  • Assign user roles
  • Allow multiple group managers
  • Create custom group fields
  • Add Instagram to user profiles
  • Approve memberships
  • Track group activities

These features will allow your campers, coordinators, and parents to create profiles and interact with each other. They can also share photos and videos along with reviews of their campaign experience. Explore more about these features here.

Content Restriction

Content Restriction

Content restriction helps you set advanced content restrictions with respect to pages, groups, and communities. It allows you to restrict access of users to a specific page or post. Here are a few more features of this extension:

  • Restrict members from accessing other groups
  • Bar access to a certain section of the website
  • Hide or show menu items
  • Restrict users to access content based on their login status
  • Displays a system-generated message for restricted content
  • Redirect the restricted users back to the home page/post
  • Restrict the visibility of sidebars or widgets
  • Use shortcodes to restrict the visibility of content
  • Display the content only for group managers

Additionally, you can create a membership on premium content and media downloads. Which will allow only registered members to access the premium content or download media from the website.

Explore more about content restriction here.

7 Unique WooCommerce Extensions

woocommerce integration

One of the best features of this membership plugin is that it comes with 7 unique WooCommerce extensions. Moreover, these extensions make this plugin a complete solution for eCommerce summer camp websites. Check out some of the features of these extensions:

  • Add WooCommerce ‘Purchase’ tabs
  • Displays a user orders on his/her profile page
  • Add the ‘Product Reviews’ tab
  • Add the WooCommerce Shopping Cart
  • Display the seller’s dashboard
  • Make the shop tab visible on the user profile
  • Allow users to add/remove products to/from a wishlist
  • ‘Add to Wishlist’ button on the products
  • Assign one or multiple groups to users on the basis of their purchasing history
  • Enable/disable the groups for a single product.
  • Enable/disable the WooCommerce custom tabs
  • Send messages to the seller of a product
  • Enable/disable discounts on WooCommerce products
  • Set WooCommerce discount priority

Not only that, the extension enables you to offer automatic discounts, membership discounts, create unique coupon codes, and more.

Know more about this complete WooCommerce solution here.

Advance Forms

summer camp theme

The membership plugin comes with an integration of RegistrationMagic. The integration allows campers, parents, camp coordinators, and employees to register to your summer camp website using various advance registration forms. Apart from that, here are a few highlights of this extension:

  • Create a dedicated registration form for each group
  • Create single-page or multiple-page forms
  • Add customized fields
  • Add icons to form labels
  • 35+ pre-created custom fields
  • Drag and drop fields editor
  • Track and analyze form fields
  • Single dashboard to manage forms

In addition to that, create payment forms for accepting camp fees, membership fees, or registration fees. You can also create pop-up forms to generate high-quality leads through inquiries.

Create survey forms to track the success of your events or gather feedback and more. Not only that, but this extension also allows you to create login forms, WooCommerce forms, and more without any hassle.

Know how to create and manage advanced forms here.

Group Events

summer camp theme

EventPrime integration is another vital extension of this membership plugin. Using this integration, you can create, manage, and track group events on your summer camp website. Here are some other features of this extension:

  • Create night camping events, virtual team events, schedule classes, and schedule meetings
  • A seamless event calendar that allows your users to check out upcoming events, event details, images, and more
  • Create, edit, and manage these events from a single events dashboard
  • Apply discounts on bookings, create unique coupon codes, and set up automatic discounts
  • Add event attendee list and sponsor’s list
  • Additionally, add geolocation and address on event pages
  • Separate events page for each event
  • Accept bookings
  • Add live seating chart
  • Enable users to create group events
  • Add events wishlist

Learn how you can create events on your summer camp website here.

Login/Logout Menu

WordPress logout menu items

This extension allows you to add login menu items to your website menu bar based on the login state of a user. The feature is also known as Contextual WordPress logout menu items. Check out some of the features of this extension:

  • Add a Login/Logout button to any menu
  • Based on the user’s login state automatically change the caption of the button
  • Add User Profile, User Groups, and Password Recovery to the menu bar
  • Change the order of the menu items using a drag and drop feature

This extension adds a personalized touch to your website and your users can explore various pages based on their login state.

WordPress Payment Options


ProfileGrid Memberships offers online payment gateways as well as offline payment options. Namely, it comes with three WordPress payment options,  PayPal, Stripe, and Offline Payment. Here are the key highlights of this feature:

  • Accept PayPal payments online from customers
  • Secure transactions for customers
  • Easy configuration for Stripe Payments
  • Add Stripe keys from your EventPrime Dashboard
  • Allow users to choose credit or debit card transaction
  • Allow users to add their credit or debit card details to make the payment
  • Setting options for offline payments
  • Display the offline payment option
  • Allow users to complete the payment process with a pending payment status
  • Update and maintain the status on the backend

Offering multiple payment options can be very helpful for summer camp websites as it increases the number of bookings.

Hero Banner

wordpress ecommerce theme

This is one of the most unique extensions of ProfileGrid Memberships. This extension enables you to create a hero banner image using the user profile images. Additionally, you can place the banner on different locations of your site using the widget setting.

Check out some of the other features of this unique extension:

  • Create a banner for multiple groups
  • Extract user avatars from one or more groups
  • Add various columns and rows to your banner
  • Repeat profile avatars or use dummy avatar profiles for your WordPress banner widget
  • Responsive and adaptive hero image

You can utilize this extension to showcase all the members of your summer camp. The extension automatically fetches the profile images to create a hero banner. And if you initially lack the number of users, it automatically imports demo images to fill the banner.

Learn how you can add a WordPress Hero Image Banner to your Website here.

Moreover, there are multiple other functionalities of this WordPress user profile plugin that can add value to your Summer camp theme. Explore other extensions and features of this plugin here.

In Conclusion

ProfileGrid Memberships is a one-spot solution for your summer camp theme. It not only offers a complete range of extensions but also adds to the user experience of your website.

Be it summer themes for school, preschool summer camp themes, day camp themes, or kids camp themes, the plugin easily integrates with every theme.

In addition, the plugin ensures a simple sign-up process and offers complete control of the data accessible to users. 

You can use this simple starter guide to get started with this WordPress user profile plugin. For any further assistance, please feel free to comment below and we will reach out to you with the best solution.

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