Boost your WordPress eCommerce Theme with ProfileGrid Memberships

This article illustrates how you can enhance the functionalities of your WordPress eCommerce Theme with a simple plugin.

With the pandemic hitting in 2020, the popularity of eCommerce stores has increased. The eCommerce websites have a range of users who shop and purchase products on a regular basis.

As a result, the demand for a good user experience has sky-rocketed. No eCommerce website on WordPress can survive without offering users the best features and functionalities along with a unique experience. Therefore, an eCommerce website on WordPress can elevate the engagement of the users via a user profile plugin.

ProfileGrid Memberships is a WordPress user profile plugin that allows you to create WordPress groups and communities virtually for better interaction, user satisfaction, and engagement.


Boost Your WordPress eCommerce Theme with ProfileGrid Memberships

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ProfileGrid Membership is one of the best profile builder plugins in WordPress. It offers more than 90 features and functionalities.

The plugin enables you to create, edit, and manage user profiles, WordPress groups, and communities. Additionally, you can allow your users to create user profiles with login ID and passwords, post updates, share profile reviews, send messages, and more.

One of the key highlights of this plugin is its 7 astounding WooCommerce extensions that can be exceptionally helpful to boost your WordPress eCommerce theme by implementing and enhancing a lot of customization options.

Here are some of the best features and extensions of ProfileGrid Memberships:

Advanced User Profiles

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One of the core functions of ProfileGrid Memberships is to allow users to create profile pages. Every user on your website gets a profile page, which helps in connecting with others, socializing, posting images, etc.

According to the website’s theme, the admins can design and customize the entire profile page. As a default, it comes in neutral colors that are aesthetically soothing to the eyes. However, the admins can customize the pages according to the WordPress eCommerce theme layout.

Additionally, it comes with a vertical and a horizontal menu. The vertical menu helps the users to navigate through different sections of the profile. The horizontal menu helps users to navigate through profile features, such as settings, notifications, wishlist, etc.

You can allow users to have:

  • User avatar
  • Cover image
  • Group badge
  • User group
  • Username
  • Blogs
  • Friends
  • Group wall
  • Notifications
  • Messages
  • Instagram feed

Users also have an option to customize these features. For example, they can reset the password and update the cover image or remove it.

Social Interaction

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Allow users to publish content about the products. Admins can also allow users to add images, rich text boxes, set status, etc. However, there is an option to disable this feature too.

Additionally, the privacy settings of the blog can be defined by the user and the admin.

Apart from the ability to publish blogs through this user profile plugin, users have the power to add friends. Users can send friend requests to add people to their friend’s list, which will also allow them to view the activities of their friends. They can also send messages, delete or remove a friend request if required.

Group Activity

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In addition to user interaction, this plugin also helps you promote group activity on your WordPress eCommerce website. You can enable the group wall option, where users can post, publish content, add images, and interact.

Further, it allows image sharing via the Group Photos extension. Just install it and allow users to share images, publish photos on the group wall, give profile reviews, create groups, and post comments on pictures.

Hero Banner

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One of the most unique features of ProfileGrid Memberships is the Hero Banner. It helps you add avatars or images of all the users in one banner image. You can add this banner to the front of your website.

Initially, if you don’t have enough users in a group, you can enable the option for dummy avatars as well. You can explore all the details related to this extension here.

Access Control

Another great feature that ProfileGrid Memberships boasts is access control. This feature can be added to the WordPress eCommerce theme in just a few clicks. It enables you to control the access of your user member area. The admin can:

  • Change privacy settings of pages and posts.
  • Change privacy settings of profiles.
  • Restrict friend requests of a group.
  • Restrict permissions of a group.

Admin can completely decide the type of content they want to hide or display on the WordPress eCommerce website. For different groups, different privacy permissions can be set up depending on the requirements. It is possible to fully control the data with this plugin.

Content Restriction

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The plugin comes with various content restriction features. This feature enables the option to restrict access to a menu item, a certain section of the website, premium content, media download, and much more.

Further, there is an inbuilt option to restrict content based on user login status, membership status, subscription status, and more. As a core feature of ProfileGrid Memberships, it comes with 5 setting options on every post and page. Namely, these settings are:

  • Allow everyone to access the post/page content
  • Content accessible only to the logged-in users of a specific group
  • Members of Author’s Groups
  • Content accessible to My Friends
  • Content accessible to Only Me

Another additional extension of this plugin that can enhance content restriction on the website is the Menu Restrictions extension. The features can be explored here.



Additionally, the plugin comes with multiple payment integrations. These integrations include PayPal and Stripe. You can utilize these payment gateways to accept payments for your products, event bookings, subscriptions, and memberships.

However, you will require an SSL certificate to accommodate safe transactions on your website. You can know more about Stripe payment integration here and PayPal integration here.


ProfileGrid Memberships comes with an integration of RegistrationMagic, which allows the admin to create unlimited forms with custom fields on the website.

The admin can create registration forms, payment forms, subscription forms, WooCommerce purchase forms, and more. For more advanced forms and fields such as magic pop-up forms, feedback forms, multi-page forms, survey forms, check out the premium version of RegistrationMagic here.


The EventPrime integration of this plugin enables the option to create, manage and analyze events. This feature can be extremely handy for education-based eCommerce websites, event ticket selling websites, and more. There are options to create events, schedule meetings, online sessions, concerts, and more using this integration.


This plugin is extremely responsive.  These groups and communities can run on any device. The users won’t face issues when they want to access their user profile pages on smaller screens. With proper spacing and management, it offers a smooth user experience.

In Conclusion

It is now a new trend to interact and connect with other buyers on an eCommerce website. This helps users to explore the purchases of other users and find something exciting and valuable for themselves.

Also, with the ProfileGrid Memberships plugin, it is easy to create a smooth shopping experience for the users and enhance the functionalities of your WordPress eCommerce theme.

To have more advanced features and extensions on your eCommerce website try Metabundle. It’s an amalgamation of the 3 best plugins (RegistrationMagic, ProfileGrid, and EventPrime).

In case of any problems while installing or using the ProfileGrid Memberships, comment below.

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