How to Boost your WordPress eCommerce Theme With ProfileGrid?

Cut the Competition and Boost your WordPress eCommerce Theme with ProfileGrid!

With the pandemic hitting us in 2020, the popularity of eCommerce stores has increased. These eCommerce websites have a range of users who shop and purchase products on a regular basis.

As a result, the demand for a good user experience is sky-rocketing. No eCommerce website on WordPress can survive without offering users the best features and functionalities. This is to say that every eCommerce website on WordPress needs to engage users better via a WP user profile plugin.

ProfileGrid WordPress user profile plugin can allow you to create groups and communities for better interaction and user satisfaction.


Boost Your WordPress eCommerce Theme With ProfileGrid

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If you are already wondering how ProfileGrid can boost the interaction on your website and improve its performance, then start reading. We have discussed some of the amazing features of ProfileGrid.

Advanced User Profiles

One of the core functions of ProfileGrid is to allow users to create profile pages. Every user on your website gets a profile page, which helps in connecting with others, socializing, posting images, etc.

According to your website’s theme, the admins can design the entire profile page. Originally, it comes in neutral colors that are aesthetically soothing to the eyes. However, you can change profile pages on your WordPress eCommerce theme according to the website’s layout.

There’s a vertical menu to help users navigate to different sections of the profile. The horizontal menu helps users to navigate to profile features, such as settings, notifications, etc.

Simply put, this is a customized page for every user, where they can overview their activities and access features like:

  • User avatar
  • Cover image
  • Group badge
  • User group
  • Username
  • Blogs
  • Friends
  • Group wall
  • Notifications
  • Messages

Users also have an option to change these features. For example, the password can be changed and the cover image can be updated or removed.

Social Interaction

WordPress eCommerce Theme

Look around yourself: social media is everywhere. How can you not have this feature on your WordPress eCommerce theme?

Don’t worry! ProfileGrid has got you covered. Through this WordPress user profile plugin, users can publish content about your products. This feature can be turned off. But, you can enhance it as well by allowing users to add images, rich text box, set status, etc.

Even the privacy settings of these blogs can be defined by the user and admins.

Apart from the ability to publish blogs through this WordPress user profile plugin, users have the power to add friends. Your users just need to send friend requests to add people to their friend’s list, which will also allow them to view activities of friends.

However, users can anytime delete or remove a friend request if they feel it is required.

Group Activity

Not only user interaction but the ProfileGrid plugin also helps you promote group activity on your WordPress eCommerce theme. You can enable the group wall option, where users can post, publish content, add images, and interact.

Further, this WordPress member profile plugin allows image sharing via the Group Photos extension. Just install it and allow users to share images, publish photos on the group wall, and post comments on pictures.

Hero Banner

WordPress eCommerce Theme

Do you wish to show all your users on your website in one banner?

ProfileGrid WooCommerce customer profile plugin helps you add avatars or images of all the users in one banner. You can add this banner to your website.

Initially, when you don’t have enough users in a group, you can enable the option for dummy avatars as well.

Access Control

It is amazing that the ProfileGrid WordPress member profile plugin has layers of access controls. As an admin, you can:

  • Change privacy settings of pages and posts.
  • Change privacy settings of profiles.
  • Restrict friend requests of a group.
  • Restrict permissions of a group.

You can completely decide the type of content you want to reveal or display on your WordPress eCommerce theme. For different groups, you can set up different privacy permissions depending on the requirements. It is possible to fully control your data with the ProfileGrid WordPress profile plugin.


Another great feature of the ProfileGrid plugin is its responsiveness. You can run these groups and communities on any device. Your users won’t face issues when they want to access their user profile pages on smaller screens. With proper spacing and management, ProfileGrid offers a smooth experience.

In Conclusion

It is now a new trend to interact and connect with other buyers on an eCommerce website. This helps us explore the purchases of other users and find something exciting and valuable for ourselves. Further, like-minded people always find joy in connecting. Also, with the ProfileGrid WordPress profile plugin, you are only offering these features to your users.

Install the plugin today or just purchase the Metabundle to use our very best plugins (RegistrationMagic, ProfileGrid, and EventPrime) together.

In case of any problems while installing or using the ProfileGrid WordPress profile plugin, comment below.

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