How To Allow Users To Upload Personal Profile Photos On Their User Profiles?

When you are willing to improve engagement between your users, there’s no better option than allowing them to share user profile photos. Today, we have a bias toward visual data. In every social community, images and visual data is consumed more by users when compared to written data.

For this reason, ProfileGrid has a designed fabulous extension for Users Profile Photos. With the help of this extension, you can allow your users to upload profile picture WordPress and manage them from the profile.

Below we have explained how that is possible. Read on to know how you can install this plugin.

Overview of User Photos Extension

Every user loves sharing pictures with their network. However, adding this feature to your WordPress website can be a hassle.

To help you eliminate the trouble, the User Photos extension makes your task easier. User Photos extension by ProfileGrid is amazingly designed, keeping user perspective in mind. Just Activate it on your profile, change preferences, and allow your users to add, change default user photos and manage images to their profiles. They can seamlessly upload users profile picture from front end WordPress. After you activate this extension, a Photos tab would be added to user profiles automatically.

Features of User Photos Extension

Here are some features of the User Photos extension:

  • With the help of this extension, you can add the Photos tab to the profile page of users.
  • Users have the feasibility to upload profile photos WordPress and albums to their profiles.
  • Users can also change the visibility of any album to registered users only, public, group members only, private, or friends. This helps them share the album with a specific set of the audience only.
  • Any user that can view the photo can also post a comment on the photo.
  • If an album is public, then any registered user can view this picture and comment on it.
  • Any user can delete or discard their photos and albums along with the comments on these pictures.
  • Any user can delete his or her comment on a picture.
  • Dynamic WordPress upload profile picture from front end
Stepwise Guide to Install User Profile Photos Extension

If you want to install the User Photo extension on your WordPress, here are the steps to do that. Just open your WordPress admin and following these steps:

  1. The first step is to visit the ProfileGrid’s website, find the User Photos extension, and Purchase it. Then, Activate this extension.

Try User Photo Extension

2. From the Extension page of your ProfileGrid plugin, find User Photos and click on Options to go to User Photo Settings.

Here, you just need to push the toggle button to Enable User Photos.

3. After this, you can save the settings and find your User Photos extension on the Global Settings page.

When you don’t want a User Profile Photos options on your website, you can easily remove it by visiting the User Photos Settings and disabling the option.

How to Add Photos and Albums?

The user can add pictures and albums by directly visiting the Photos tab of their profile.

4. When the user clicks on the Photos tab, they will get two options Photos and Albums.

5. On the Photos sub-tab, an option to Add Photos would appear. The user can either click on it or simply drag photos to the below box to start uploading images.

6. It is also possible to add a caption or description for the photos being uploaded by the user.

7. Similarly, on the Albums sub-tab, the user needs to type Album Title, Album Description, and Album Privacy to create an album.

User Profile Photos

8. The albums and pictures can be edited by clicking on the Settings icon beside the album.

User Profile Photos

Users can also delete and edit any album and user profile picture at any time they want. Just follow the above step to edit or delete photos and albums.

It is easy to work with the User Photos extensions of ProfileGrid. The format is not only simpler for users but also extremely appealing in design. This helps in engaging and connecting with your users.


WordPress plugins and extensions can help you improve the features of your website. ProfileGrid is one such plugin with amazing community support. From Profile Status, changing default user photo to user profile picture, every extension by ProfileGrid helps you increase user interaction. Its users picture extension immensely helps in allowing users to upload, manage, and share their images and albums with other community members. Check out the above steps to understand how you can install the User Photos extension to your WordPress. If you are unable to understand any step, just comment below. We would reach out to you with a solution.



  1. Eckiebd

    It is a nice plugin, however i am missing an overview of who had or not placed images on their profile, there is no way to find out if a user has posted any in his profile or look for new posted images or anything (life a little overview of all user created albums for example, sorted by ‘latest images posted by users) – if you have thousands of users on a site and want to find if there is a new image posted, you have to click through every single user profile to find out….

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team


      As of now, the feature is not available. We have noted and forwarded this to our development team to review and add a feature to allow admin to view the images posted by the users.

      Thank you,

  2. Bruno lacroix

    How could I force the display of the pictures (photos tab) by default? When the profile page is displayed it is empty, I have to choose by clickin either on Photos or on Albums to see something, I do not want visitors to have to do that, I need something more immediate.

    I shifted the order of the users profiles tabs so that the photos are shown instead of the about section that is secondary to me.
    Other question : I would like to disable comments on the photos is it feasable?
    Thanks for your answer,

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team

      We have noted this issue and forwarded it to our development team to fix it in one of our future releases. Currently, comments on photos cannot be disabled. You may hide the comment box using custom CSS.

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