How to Create Staff Member Profile Page in WordPress

Create Staff Member Profile Page With ProfileGrid

If you have a great team of people working for you, there’s certainly a huge advantage in showcasing their talents to potential clients. This’ll help solidify their trust in your brand and lead to even more business opportunities. Hence, it is common to find bigger companies that create staff member profile page to showcase their workforce on their websites. If you have a WordPress membership website then doing this is pretty easy. With the help of the ProfileGrid plugin, you can create staff member profile page to display on your website. So let’s get started, by first installing the ProfileGrid plugin.

Creating Groups With ProfileGrid

This plugin gives you the liberty to create groups to categorically manage your staff member profiles. Firstly, click on the ‘ProfileGrid’ option under the ProfileGrid menu. You will land on the ‘Group Manager’ page.

Create Staff Member Profile Page form manager

Here you will find the ‘Add New’ option on the top left corner. Once you click it you will land on a new page called ‘New Group’. From here you will be able to determine the content, icon, and type of the group. I named my group ‘Workspace’ since we aim to enlist the staff members inside it.Create Staff Member Profile Page add new

On the frontend in the ‘All Groups’ page, you will find your group with the ‘Join Group’ option.

Create Staff Member Profile Page join group

Now that you have created your group, you create a registration page to let your staff members join your group.

Creating Registration Forms

Click on the ‘Fields’ option on the bottom corner of your newly formed group.  The page where you will land will have an option on the top left called ‘New Field’. By clicking on this option, you will see a list of fields opening up; from here you can add your desired fields.

Create Staff Member Profile Page registration form

Now it’s time to set up a registration page. ProfileGrid creates default pages right after activation. These are the PM Profile page, PM Registration page, PM Search page etc. Furthermore, the plugin also offers a whole page dedicated to shortcodes.

Create Staff Member Profile Page shortcode page

Users just have to paste the specific shortcodes on the preformed default pages to activate them. The shortcode for registration page is [PM_Registartion id=”x”]. Paste it on the default registration page and place the new group id in place of ‘x’. Our ‘Workspace’ group id is 5, so we will apply it there and click on ‘Publish’. By doing this, we will transfer the fields added to group 5 to this registration form.

Assigning A Registration Page

Now, you just have to assign this page in order to display it on the frontend. To do this, first, go to ‘Global Setting’ from ProfileGrid’s list of options and then click on ‘General’. You will land on a page that will let you choose the appearance of the frontend profile, assign pages etc.

Create Staff Member Profile Page assigning page

As you can see from the above picture, I have selected the ‘Registration’ page where there is the option to assign this particular page. Now, click the ‘Save’ button to witness success on the frontend.

Create Staff Member Profile Page create page

Our registration page has appeared with the desired fields. Now we are left with assigning a Profile Page to create staff member profile page.

Creating A Profile Page

Take the shortcode [PM_Profile] from the shortcode’s page and paste it on the preformed default Profile Page.

Create Staff Member Profile Page create profile page

It is called PM Profile so I changed the name to ‘My Profile’. Now, assign the profile page similarly like registration page from the ‘General’ option under ‘Global Setting’.

Create Staff Member Profile Page general options

Now after clicking the ‘Save’ button let’s check how a staff member profile is going to look form the frontend.

Create Staff Member Profile Page frontend

You can customize the above staff member demo profile as required, remove unwanted tabs, change colour scheme, and allow staff members to pick their background picture.

So, very easily we could create staff member profile page. Moreover, you can notice that the fields from the registration form have also transferred in the profile.

ProfileGrid also provides the [PM_Search] shortcode for creating the all user’s page. So that you get to show all your staff members in one single page. Paste the shortcode on the default ‘PM Search’ page and assign it. You will find a page on the frontend where all the staff member profiles from all the groups are listed. When you create staff member profile page they appear here for convenience.

Create Staff Member Profile Page frontend results

A Problem Solver Plugin

Therefore, you saw how easily we could create staff member profile page without having any knowledge of code at all. ProfileGrid not only creates user profiles on your membership site, it very well takes care of everything you need to create a fully functioning, community-based site. A site from where you can sell items, maintain a directory, perform businesses, generate traffic etc.

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