Boost Job Manager User Profiles Using Shortcodes

Boost Job Manager User Profiles with ProfileGrid Using Shortcodes

The ProfileGrid WordPress plugin is one amazing tool by which one can create wonders on their website. Here we will see how one can build a fully functional job board on a user profile with the help of the custom tabs extension of ProfileGrid using Job Manager User Profiles plugin.

The WP Job Manager Plugin lets a person add, manage, categorize job listings on his own website. In order to embed the features of this plugin on a user profile, we are taking the help of Custom Tabs.

The Boon Called Custom Tabs

With the ProfileGrid custom tabs extension, one can integrate as many tabs on a user profile as they wish to. The custom tabs primarily work with the help of shortcodes and is created to enhance the functionality of a user profile. All the plugins that one installs in a WordPress site can be embedded in user profiles without creating individual pages for them.

They appear one by one as tabs in registered user profiles. For instance, with the WP Job Manager plugin, a person can create a job board as well as frontend forms for guests and registered users to submit and manage job listings, right from a user profile.

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Getting Started

Once you have done listing your jobs through the Job Manager plugin you have to now get hold of the shortcodes related with it. I already mentioned, the custom tabs extension works mainly through the plugin specific shortcodes. Let’s briefly tell you how it works before we start creating tabs for the Job Manager plugin.

The shortcodes of each plugin are applied on the custom tabs and that gets decoded on the frontend as tabs with functions of that particular plugin. Here we will show you functions of the two main shortcodes of the Job Manager plugin.

  • [jobs] – Displays the list of jobs that have been created on the backend as well as the filters for searching
  • [submit_job_form] – Displays a complete job form on the frontend. This lets registered users or guests create new job openings from the frontend.

Doing The Needful With Custom Tabs

After listing down the jobs through the Job Manager plugin it is merely a piece of cake to integrate the plugin in a user profile.

Firstly, create a new tab from the custom tabs option of ProfileGrid.

Job Manager User Profiles manager

Let’s name the tab “Job Openings” since we wish to display the ongoing vacancies of a company in this tab.

Job Manager User Profiles new tab

Now, once you start editing this tab, you will get two options – ‘User Custom Post’ and ‘Custom Content’. On clicking the custom content option, a text area will appear where we will have to apply the shortcode.

Job Manager User Profiles custom content

As you can see in the above picture, we have applied the shortcode [jobs] so that we get the entire list of jobs that we have created in the backend. So let’s see what happens after we click the ‘Save’ button.

Job Manager User Profiles frontend

Above we see a frontend view of the user profile where our created tab ‘Job Openings’ has appeared. By clicking on this tab we will get a view of the entire job listing. This listing has been earlier created in the backend.

Job Manager User Profiles frontend tab

Now, let us go on and test the other shortcode [submit_job_form] in a similar manner. So now we will create a tab and name it “Submit Jobs”. In the Custom Content text area, we will apply the above-mentioned shortcode. Then let’s see what happens after we click the ‘Save’ button.

Job Manager User Profiles submit job

Job Manager User Profiles result

We see a tab of the same name ‘Submit Jobs’ has appeared in the user profile. Its inside content shows a complete form. This predefined form is made for registered users who can list new job openings from the frontend. This form is a default one created by the Job Manager plugin itself.

The Success of Custom Tabs

So we see, the custom tabs perfectly incorporate the shortcodes of the Job Manager plugin without any clash or error. Whatever we wish to integrate with the user profile simply happens by virtue of applying the shortcodes. No need to be a coder or have in-depth knowledge about coding. With custom tabs, it’s only a matter of a few clicks if you wish to customize a user profile.

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