Customize User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes

How to Customize User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes

Know how to edit WooCommerce Shortcodes to customize user profiles. You can turn your website into an online store by integrating ProfileGrid’s Free WooCommerce extension (see link below). You can now start making necessary changes in your site so that the users get to access the WooCommerce features right from their profiles. To accomplish this objective, you can customize User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes by utilizing our custom profile tabs extension.

The ProfileGrid Custom Profile Tabs extension allows you to incorporate WooCommerce features in user profiles. The Woocommerce plugin comes with its own set of shortcodes. The shortcodes are as follows:

[WooCommerce_cart] – displays the cart page

[WooCommerce_checkout] – activates the checkout page

[WooCommerce_my_account] – a WooCommerce My Account shortcode that shows the user account page

[WooCommerce_order_tracking] – enables the order tracking form

Now, the Custom Profile Tabs does the job of bringing in all these pages in a user profile.

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Custom Profile Tabs Integration

Once installed and activated from the plugins section, ProfileGrid brings in a new option ‘Custom Tabs’. However, you need to activate Custom Tabs from the extensions of its mother plugin.

User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes form

By clicking on the Custom Tabs option we land on a page where we get the option ‘New Tab’. This helps to add any number of tabs we want to create in a user profile.

Customization On User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes

Now, since we want to customize our user profile with WooCommerce features, we proceed by adding a new tab and naming it ‘Woocommerce’.

User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes new tab

There are two options below – ‘User Custom Post’ and ‘Custom Content’. Here we need to select the ‘Custom Content’ option. This opens up a text area to put your desired content.

Here comes the function of the WooCommerce shortcodes. If we take all the shortcodes and paste it into this text box, we will be able to customize the WooCommerce tab. Just don’t forget to click on the ‘Save’ button.

User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes options

The Frontend Appearance

User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes frontend

In the frontend, we see a tab ‘WooCommerce’ has appeared in the User 1 profile. Now if we select that tab, we will witness the functions of the shortcodes.

User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes frontend functions

User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes frontend details

The pages will appear in the order in which the shortcodes are pasted in the backend. One can select the order, as well the number of pages that they want to appear in the user profile. Here we provided pages such as – cart, checkout, account, order tracking.

User Profile Access

Eventually, the actions of your individual users will get listed in their profiles automatically. Their account details, shipping address, purchase history etc. will appear in the consecutive pages. However, a user can access the WooCommerce custom tab only after logging in his/her account. Moreover, there is a ‘Privacy’ tab in the backend by which one can make this ‘Public’ or ‘Personal’ or ‘Visible to group members’.

User Profile With WooCommerce Shortcodes profile access

The Convenience

With this unique feature, users have the convenience to keep a track of their purchases, store their shipping address or other account details. The added advantage that users get is that any data that they want to change they get to change it from the frontend; likewise the edit will get updated in the backend, facilitating the store owner as well.

Summing Up

The WooCommerce shortcodes like WooCommerce my account shortcode, WooCommerce Cart shortcode, and others are of immense help to anybody, who does not how to code yet wants to create a fully functioning online store. Apart from creating particular pages on their own, the shortcodes in assistance with the Custom Profile Tabs plugin in a few simple steps gives a smart edge to the site. By virtue of which, the users get complete access to their account details, get the liberty to edit their data in just a few clicks. Hopefully, this guide on how to edit woocommerce shortcodes to customize user profiles has made your work easier and faster!

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