How to add Custom Group Fields to your WordPress Website

It is quite easy to make a profile page on your WordPress website using some renowned plugins such as ProfileGrid. However, if you are looking to add some more advanced features to your website such as adding custom group fields to a particular group, finding the right WordPress user custom fields extension is extremely important. Moreover, finding the right WordPress custom fields plugin to add custom field WordPress is a hassle. It will not only help you make a user-friendly website but also make your website fully functional. 

To make your search easy, ProfileGrid advanced custom fields plugin has come with an amazing WordPress user custom fields extension, i.e. Custom Group Fields. If you are creating any social media website with an “n” number of profile pages, and groups, ProfileGrid is the right advanced custom fields plugin for you. It will not only let you create customized profile pages but also let you add multiple functionalities to your WordPress website.  Continuing the discussion, let’s shed some light on the title of this blog and talk about custom group fields extension and steps to add it to your WordPress website. 

Overview of Custom Group Fields Extension

ProfileGrid’s Custom Group Field is an amazing extension that helps you add custom fields WordPress. The extension provides an easy way to structure fields into groups. It helps in organizing the complete group as well as its custom fields WordPress in an easy way. The group fields use both the parent and child field names when saving the values in the database. For instance, when a group field named “Hero” with the field named “image” will be saved to the database as “Hero-Image”.

Features of Custom Group Fields Extension 

The major benefit of the ProfileGrid plugin is that it comes in handy with many free as well as paid extensions. Further, you can buy either single or multiple extensions at a time from the extensions bucket as per your requirement. Moreover, one of the useful extensions offered by ProfileGrid is Custom Group Field Extension. This helps the users when they wish to create a group with multiple WordPress advanced custom fields on their WordPress website. 

Stepwise Process To Install and Use Custom Group Fields Extension:

1. To install the Custom Field Group Extension, visit the ProfileGrid website >> Go to the All Extensions page.

2. On the All Extensions page, you will find a list of free and premium extensions. Find the Custom Group Fields extension and Click on Purchase and complete the payment procedure to checkout.

Try Custom Group Field Extension

3. Once the checkout process is complete, the extension will download automatically.

4. Once the extension is downloaded, you need to install it on your website’s WordPress Admin. After the installation, go to your WordPress admin, on the left menu of ProfileGrid on your Dashboard. 

5. When you click on the ProfileGrid option, you will find multiple options on the dropdown menu such as ProfileGrid, Members, Requests, Global Settings, Profile Labels, etc.

6. Click on ProfileGrid option. Once you click on the ProfileGrid, it will redirect you to the Group Manager page where you will find multiple group cards.

7. When you rotate your mouse on any of the Group Cards in which you want to add custom fields for WordPress groups, you will find two options, Settings and Fields.

8. Click on the Fields option, it will redirect you to the Profile Fields Manager where you will find three options on the Menu Bar i.e. New Section, New Field, and Help.

9. Click on New Field to check the list of some predefined fields where you can choose the field type, which you want to add, say nickname.

10. It will redirect you to a New Field Page where you can add the details of the customized field.

11. Provide all the required details in the form such as Field Name (to be displayed on Frontend), Field Description (for your reference only), CSS Class Attribute, Field Icon, Associate with Group (Select the group from the drop-down menu to which you want to associate the field)

12. Now, select from the drop-down menu >> Associate with section (Personal details or Professional details), Admin Only (Turn on to make this field visible to admin only), Display on Profile Page (Turn on to display this field on your profile page) and make all the privacy settings and then click on Save.

13. Once you save the details, you will find a new field is created in the group with the Name – Nickname

Custom Group Fields

In Conclusion

Profile Grid comes with a dynamic range of extensions. The ProfileGrid’s extensions help to add menu items, add advanced forms, custom field slugs, custom group fields, and many more. You can further add custom fields for WordPress groups or more WordPress advanced custom fields.

The Custom Group Fields is an amazing extension to add customized field names to the groups of your website. Use this extension to create customized groups on social media websites, school administration websites, or auction websites

If you are looking to enhance the functionality of your website, the ProfileGrid is the best option for you. Explore other extensions available on ProfileGrid and take your website to the next level. You can explore the advanced custom fields tutorials available on the website. Also, check out all the extensions one-by-one and enjoy building an amazing and fully-functional website. 


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