Introducing simple WordPress Job Board Plugin by ProfileGrid

If you’re looking ahead to posting new job vacancies, no need to register to any other external job portals. Now you can conveniently post your jobs on your own WordPress website! The Simple Job Board plugin by ProfileGrid allows you to create a list of as many job openings as you require in a handful of very easy steps. This WordPress job board plugin is lightweight and together with the advanced features of WordPress, it permits users to add multiple job offers with custom form fields on the website. This builds for a hassle-free and reasonable job vacancy management system on your website itself.

Although, what makes us claim this to be the best WordPress job board plugin? Well, the fittest answer for that extends beyond a couple of reasons. Hence, in the coming sub-sections, we’ll focus on all the unique selling propositions of this plugin.

Getting started

Firstly, right after installation, this plugin opens up its own list of options named the Job Board. Secondly, this is the place where the users get all the necessary fields to create new jobs, add categories, locations, and job types. Finally, the Applicant option allows the admin of the website to check the number of applicants who applied for the various job roles.

After that, once done with listing down the job roles, it’s now time to put them on a page in a proper sequence to show them on the front end of the website. Simultaneously, the plugin creates its own shortcodes as you move ahead with listing jobs. Additionally, when you paste these shortcodes on a new page, you get a complete view of the job openings created on the backend.

Getting hold of the shortcodes

Certain pages such as the ones allocated for job categories, types, and locations contain shortcodes that one can later use to post them individually on a new page.

WordPress job board plugin

Here, the above picture shows the Job Locations page with its respective shortcodes.

WordPress job board plugin

Similarly, this illustration above shows the Job Categories page with its own shortcodes. Likewise, the Job Types page will show its own shortcodes. The moment a user builds a new job type, he also creates a shortcode.

The main shortcodes of the Simple Job Board plugin along with their functions are:

  • [jobpost] – Shows the entire list of job openings created on the backend
  • [jobpost category= ‘manager’] – Represents the number of job vacancies listed under a specific category. Hence, here we will present it as ‘manager‘.
  • [jobpost type=’full-time’] – Showcases the number of jobs listed under a particular job type. Therefore, here we will caption it as ‘full time’ so the jobs that one posts under the type full time are shown in the website frontend.
  • [jobpost location=’Chicago’] – Shows the number of jobs listed under a certain location. Thus, here we will filter it as ‘Chicago’, so the jobs that one posts under this location will be shown on the website frontend.

Customizing user profiles with Simple Job Board plugin

The Custom Profile Tab plugin of ProfileGrid helps to integrate other plugins and extensions on user profiles as tabs. However, this customization is done together with the specific shortcodes of the plugins that need to be integrated into a user profile. Now, let us see how we can start customizing user profiles with the Simple Job Board plugin.

How to customize user profiles with the ProfileGrid WordPress job board plugin

First, start with creating a new tab from the Custom Tabs option of ProfileGrid.

Secondly, since we are going to post job openings on the new tab, we have named the tab ‘Current Openings‘.  Now, if we go ahead and start editing the tab we will get two options User Custom Posts and Custom Content. However, we will anyway have to click on the Custom Content option which will then open a text box for pasting the shortcodes.

As you can see in the above picture, we have pasted the shortcode [jobpost] in the text box. Let’s see how it appears on the front end once we have saved it.

In the above illustration, we see the front end view of user profile ‘User 1’, here you’ll find a ‘Current Openings‘ tab already in place. The visible content of the tab shows the job openings that we created in the backend.

It is a complete dashboard with filters, category searches, and the read more button appears on top of the entire content of the job posting page.

Now if we try it out with any of the other shortcodes for example Categories, let’s see how the user profile gets customized.

In the backend, we used the shortcode ‘content writer’. In the front end, we see the user profile reflecting only the ‘content writer’ vacancy.

Final word

Evidently, the convenient yet powerful Simple Job Board plugin creates a huge difference in the way you handle job vacancies with just a few clicks.  One may choose to integrate an entire job listing board into a user profile with the help of easy-to-use shortcodes. As an employer, you might want to switch your traditional job search methods with the best WordPress job board plugin. With ProfileGrid, you can take full charge of your job openings and other subsequent procedures without having to look up to third-party portals.

Try Simple Job Board for free today!


  1. Claudio Silva

    I couldn’t find this plugin at not even at ProfileGrid extensions.
    This is exactlly what i’m looking for.
    I’m trying to build a social network for jobs.
    Can you help me?

    1. ProfileGrid

      Thank you for expressing interest in ProfileGrid and for your endeavor to build a social network for jobs. I understand the importance of finding the right tools for your project.

      While ProfileGrid itself may not have a dedicated job board feature, I recommend exploring the “Simple Job Board” plugin, which can be found on using the following link: Simple Job Board Plugin.

      If you decide to integrate this plugin and have any questions or require assistance during the process, our support team is ready to help. Feel free to raise a support ticket through the following link: Support Ticket.

      Wishing you success in building your social network for jobs, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further inquiries.

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