How to create Dance Groups for your WordPress website

We form professional dance groups for various reasons: camp, studio, school, contests, etc. Dance groups are perhaps some of the most free-spirit and fun groups among all communities. In addition, what may attract people to participate in such groups is an intriguing online dance community that you present on your website.

We can use the concept for dance school groups or dance studio groups. The institutions using such communities and groups can derive a lot of benefits from such processes. We’ll discuss these further in detail in the coming sections of the article.

A dance class group or a dance academy group can be used for dance coaching and training. Similarly, we can use a dance camp group for short summer camps for dance groups. You can learn more about the benefits of learning dance in groups here.

In addition, using the same creative group dynamics and structure, we can make a dance audition group and dance competition group too.

A dance group may have many varieties but the key goals remain the same:

  • The collection of members’ data
  • Marketing and lead generation for the business conducting the event or class
  • Using the member-profile data for quality and growth purposes
  • Helps in creativity and innovation within and outside of groups
  • Useful in connecting members of every dance group with each other
  • For interaction and socialization within communities and for common discussions

A virtual dance group offers ample benefits over a physical one. It affords the organization a better reach for its marketing efforts plus diversity. Likewise, it allows for a seamless collection and further use of the data that you collect for the dance groups.

Even better, these dance profiles and communities help you create a versatile range of dance groups such as diverse dance groups, masked dance groups, hip-hop dance groups, etc.

Lately, the use of modern tech aids allows for individuals and businesses to create such groups and communities online for the websites in a jiffy. We’ll learn how in the further sections of this blog.

Profile creation for all members of dance groups

WordPress website themes are quite incomplete without user profiles which in our case are profiles for dance groups’ registered members. These registered profiles help a business enhance and improvise its overall functioning in all segments.

Furthermore, it’s because of these member profiles that business themes are able to integrate user groups and communities to themselves which is exactly the topic of our discussion.

You can try comprehending the user registration process and the step to create a user registration form for your WordPress website here. Additionally, you may also want to read about how customized user registration forms enhance your WordPress business theme.

In case you are wanting to create user registration portals for your website, the RegistrationMagic plugin on WordPress is your one-stop solution for all aspects pertaining to user registrations for the betterment of your business administration.

The focus of our article is on member profile creation and dance groups and communities which is basically the next step of member registration. Try the ProfileGrid membership plugin for creating user communities, profiles, and social groups for your dance platform on WordPress. With this plugin, yours can be the best dance group online.

In conclusion, you can trust both of these processes to take your dance website a long way in a lot of aspects without any setback.

How are dance groups beneficial for your academy/studio?

The profile creation process is beneficial enough as it is. But that’s just the first step towards building a good dance community. After the fundamental step of member registration and profile creation, the wisest thing to do is to create dance groups for all members. Now, these groups may be specific or general, depending on your idea of them totally.

These member profiles help the registered members to take a look at all their information and details related to the dance academy website at a glance and in a single place. Irrespective of the WordPress dance themes applied to your website, the plugin assists easy and quick user profile and group building.

Why should you build your dance group profiles using ProfileGrid? Let’s see:

Primary reasons

  1. Better communication: Member profiles help you stay in touch with your dance group participants, you share a relationship with them. Member profiles allow you to ascertain what, how, and when the member likes what they like.
  2. Clearer opportunities: Group member profiles allow room for feedback from the participants which is too precious. Do you want to get better at what you’re doing? Individual member feedback is your way to go about it.
  3. Eliminating competition: As mentioned above, a strong bond with your academy members helps you get an edge over the competitors. Constant touch and genuine care for your dance group participants help you keep them from distracting to other groups.
  4. Sales improvement: Thinking of the academy in the longer run, group member profiles are very important. It is true that making an old member stay loyal is more cost-effective than fetching a new one. Dance groups and member profiles help in achieving the same.

Secondary reasons

  1. Attracting new group members: Bringing in more new members for the group gets too much easier when you know in-depth about the current ones. Profiling and grouping people based on shared interests like dance helps you do just that.
  2. Segment targeting: The smartest thing to do after the profile creation process is to group the members and their data based on shared interests. Profiling and grouping help you to reach out to your members based on segmentation targeting.
  3. Personalized Content: User profiling through deep insights, also helps in personalizing the content-based marketing strategies. Being able to sell based on each individual member’s preferences is a gift that your dance school can get through member profiling and grouping.

dance groups advantages

What advantages do WordPress communities offer to your dance school?

The advantages of dance communities and groups have existed for a very long time. However, it’s only recently that people are starting to realize their importance even better. Dance groups and communities on WordPress are a result of member registration itself. In simple words, it is group user registration taken a step further.

Here we have presented 7 reasons why you should create dance groups and communities for your WordPress website through ProfileGrid.

  1. Generating more leads: Dance school/academy owners or marketing teams have clear agenda in mind while networking. That agenda is about generating further sales leads. The networking in itself may take place in many forms but the easiest of all of them is through the dance groups on your website itself.
  2. Brand visibility: Brand visibility of your dance classes matters. The more dance communities and groups you promote your brand in, the better is the chance of potential clients being aware of your business. Business communities of your website allow plenty of room for this.
  3. Helpful advice: People also become members of a dance community or form one of their own to get useful advice. Everyone isn’t excellent at everything and that’s a fact. The more the number of members in your dance group, the better are the chances of you finding a solution to your dilemma within your community itself.
  4. Broadening connections: A popular saying that goes around in business communities worldwide is ‘Your network is your net worth’. This couldn’t showcase the real-life scenario any better. Many successful marketers and entrepreneurs would stand up for the same. Dance communities on your website help you do just that- build your network for one or many reasons.

Additional Advantages

  1. Staying proactive: All businesses including that dance such as the dance schools and studios, operate in a very dynamic landscape. This statement is very accurate especially in the case of marketing when compared to other business areas. Community and group building on ProfileGrid is not limited to members. The potential of this dynamic plugin extends to small dance academy communities too. The principle behind this is to do with the fact that being in touch with other dance studios/schools in the same area might boost your own strategies. Change is essential and dance communities help you stay active on that.
  2. Helping the ones who require it: You may not only receive help from others in a community setting but also help others. This is very practical in terms of a real-life scenario too. We don’t always require help, do we? Sometimes, we just want to share our expertise and opinions on a subject with the ones who require it which is where dance communities help.
  3. Friendships: Aside from the various professional aspects, dance groups also build various personal bonds. A lot of joint ventures or partnership dance projects globally are started by two or more groups of friends. Virtual dance communities even let you reap the benefits of the global diaspora. Thereby, allowing diverse idea generation.

ProfileGrid acts as a backbone for your dance school in the event that you wish to form dance groups and communities.

So much said about ProfileGrid’s uses in real-life and the ultimate strategies it helps us with but how can it help us create actual dance groups online? Let’s dive deep right into it.


Creating dance groups and profiles online with ProfileGrid

Put in simple words, the ProfileGrid plugin is a WordPress plugin that helps you build profiles, groups, and communities for your registered dance members. Above all, the plugin allows for better use and implementation of your dance members’ data. Without a second thought, it’s the most versatile system for profiles and groups building on WordPress.

Numerous professional dance clubs, communities, and platforms function on WordPress with the help of such plugins. This subtly highlights the fact that the plugin offers globally versatile and high-quality features.

Let brush through some of the most outstanding features of ProfileGrid that’ll help you create the best dance group of all time.

User groups

The dance that you create through the plugin, offers ample opportunities for the business. On the other hand, the admin of the website also has a lot of control over the functioning and management of these dance groups. With total access to edit flexibly and manage profiles seamlessly, the plugin affords the admin of the dance website full freedom to take charge professionally.

profile grid dance groups

  1. Flexibility: The dance studio website admin gets full freedom to create a wide number of dance groups with profile fields specific to each group. For example, separate groups for masked dance, hip-hop dance, classical dance, etc. can be formed conveniently. You can create separate customized registration forms for each dance group, set different prices and payment modes, add and restrict content and schedules as per groups however you choose to.
  2. Properties: The properties field helps you add and alter dance group names, descriptions, icons/badges, hide/show details, etc. You can also associate WP roles and assign leaders and managers to your dance communities, set a dance group membership price, pick email templates, etc. In addition, you can also set custom messages for dance group names or redirect to a page, password change, user activation/deactivation, and much groups fields
  3. Groups page: From this page, you can enable all settings related to all varieties of dance groups. Name, badge, price of membership, registration button, etc. are some of the benefits of this feature.
  4. Customized email: As the title itself implies, this option allows you to send customized emails to all dance community users. Additionally, it also allows for dance membership request/termination, on-group manager assignment, publishing new posts, etc.


  1. Privacy and restrictions: From this option, the managers and admin of the website can set restrictions to content and admission permission within all dance groups. The admin can set privacy levels of the posts for group walls and galleries for dance.
  2. Group directory: Evident by the title, this option helps the admin and managers of the website get access to an instant directory of all dance group members. The user cards under this category will display Gravatar images, usernames, field labels, icons, and the values of the group members.


User Profiles

Dance groups are efficient as long as they have seamlessly built member profiles for each member of the group. User profiling is important for numerous reasons most of which are discussed above already. You’ll need to take care of each individual member too aside from the group overall.

  1. Profile pages: These pages form the core of the plugin and showcase each individual dance group member’s profile. These pages show their profile cover images, group badges, blogs areas, messaging, and notifications areas, etc. This section further boosts the utility of your dance theme by availing you of all the information regarding the group members in one section with individual pages.ProfileGrid user profile
  2. Management: The management option allows the dance profile owners to alter and manage the user profiles. The option also allows room for change in uploads of all kinds, passwords, profiles, etc. This feature also helps in managing friends, notifications, conversations, etc. among dance groups.
  3. Sections: The option holds subsets of data about every member being organized in profile fields. In addition, the plugin allows for further division of profile sections. This helps the admin keep a neat record of all dance group members’ data.

Additional properties

  1. User directory: The field displays all dance group users of the site along with advanced search options. The results of such a search are filtered using AJAX. The field also shows individual member cards that hold quite a lot of user information. The qualities of the dance themes are highlighted even more by such brilliant and modern virtual options.
  2. Templates: This option allows for the website admin to choose from 8 built-in templates to customize the front-end of the page. This helps you bring your dance groups and community aesthetics coordinated with your studio website theme.
  3. Tabs: The ProfileGrid member tabs allow a seamless drag option for the admin to change profile tab orders and rename tabs for all dance groups’ names list as per the requirement.
  4. Private Profile: The admin gets the option to make any dance member’s profile or group private if they wish to. Of course, it’s not compulsory.
  5. Element Visibility: This permits the admin to hide or show elements or content on any of the dance group profiles.

Profile Modules

  1. Social blogs: The admin can allow group members to submit and publish blog posts on groups using a simple shortcode. All dance group members will have the right to define their own privacy levels for their posts. All WordPress themes are unfinished without some social activity and this option lets you do just that with added benefits for your dance group activities.
  2. Messaging: The messaging option allows the group members to send private messages to each other. All individual members will be allowed to have specified areas in their profiles to manage multiple conversations. This adds even more to your academy website’s dance theme for all professional interactions.
  3. Friends: The plugin allows users a second privacy circle allowing them to share content within groups in multiple ways. Above all, users have complete freedom to send/receive friend requests, share content, manage friend lists, and much more. Your website gets advanced even more with such interactive options for the dance communities.

Group Modules

These settings allow the admins to create and manage certain options on a global level for all dance communities.

  1. The Group wall field: The group wall option allows for the exchange of ideas within enclosed dance groups, posting central notifications by admins, etc.
  2. All Group photos: This option allows for the dance group photos to be organized and posted in high order. It allows easy setup, of dance groups’ photo galleries, album-based grouping, photo details, etc.

Registration Forms

  1. Registration Forms: Above all, ProfileGrid allows you to collect data using separate member-registration forms for all groups. In addition, you are free to define the fields of these dance forms as per your requirements. All advanced websites built through WordPress have added registration forms to them in one way or the other which in our case would be for dance communities.
  2. User registration data: This option allows you to enable/disable the option to get you all group membership registration data via email.
  3. Spam Protection: The reCAPTCHA option in the plugin assists avoid any spam registrations. Therefore, this is one of the tricks that help you protect your theme and member data both with one single setting.
  4. Member account activation: The option as suggested by the title, helps in activating membership accounts for profile creation. Hence, this helps the admin of the website take care of the dance group member account activation process and all things surrounding it easily.

What’s more to it?

Closing note, the above-mentioned features are available for everyone. The premium version of this profile and group builder plugin comes with a lot more surprises. Therefore, you can enable powerful options of dance profile and community management through ProfileGrid premium.

Try your ProfileGrid free version today!

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