ProfileGrid WooCommerce Integration Extensions

The advent of WordPress in our lives helped small businesses gain tremendously. The software allows businesses to create websites far more easily and faster than one would think. But its capabilities are not limited to only that. WordPress and its business websites allow small businesses and even big brands to widen horizons through its huge repertoire of extensions and add-ons. And on top of the pile, sits the supremely capable WooCommerce, supercharging millions of eCommerce websites across the globe.

We are pleased to offer a selection of finely crafted extensions, not only acting as a bridge between your WooCoomerce and ProfileGrid community but adding a new set of tools that can open hidden revenue-generating opportunities for your online store.

WordPress business communities

As you must be aware, the ProfileGrid plugin helps you build profiles, groups, and communities for your existing users. Currently, it’s one of the most versatile systems for profiles and groups on WordPress. ProfileGrid integrates with a number of popular extensions that actually let you make use of the community groups and their data.

ProfileGrid combined with WooCommerce offers a robust platform for building awesome customer journeys for your buyers. From showcasing purchase data, leveraging the power of communities to drive sales, providing social proofing, to almost anything you can think of!

Here’s a quick roundup of what ProfileGrid can offer for your online store.

ProfileGrid WooCommerce integration

ProfileGrid’s Advanced WooCommerce integration is the next big step in merging n active WordPress membership or social networking site with WooCommerce’s eCommerce features. With the basic ProfileGrid & WooCommerce Integration, we provided you the ability to display WooCommerce purchases and other customer-oriented activity on ProfileGrid user profiles.

(If you wish to know more about how the basic ProfileGrid & WooCommerce Integration works, check out our guide Free WooCommerce User Profiles.)

We are happy to introduce a complete vendor-oriented environment to ProfileGrid user profiles with the new ProfileGrid Advanced WooCommerce Integration. To make Advanced WooCommerce User Profiles work on your WordPress site, you need to have the following plugins installed and active.

  1. ProfileGrid
  2. WooCommerce
  3. ProfileGrid-WooCommerce Integration
  4. WC Vendors Marketplace

Go ahead and add them to your site now, if you haven’t already done so.

WooCommerce integration

WooCommerce Advanced Extensions Integration

The extension enhances the power of ProfileGrid’s integration with WooCommerce by adding in integrations with WooCommerce’s popular extensions. Do note that the basic integration with WooCommerce is covered under Free WooCommerce Integration.

With the WooCommerce Extensions Integration, ProfileGrid users can take their user profile integration with WooCommerce to an entirely new level. Additionally, this ProfileGrid extension adds options to integrate the functionality of WooCommerce extensions, in addition to standard WooCommerce functionality, with ProfileGrid user profiles.

This extension currently provides integration with the following WooCommerce extensions:

The integration allows displaying the Vendor Dashboard tab on the user profile containing vendor-specific information. Similarly, it also permits the display of the Pro version of the Vendor Dashboard tab on the user profile if the plugin in use is WC Vendors Pro.

Furthermore, the integration showcases the Shop tab on the user profile containing products added by this user for selling. Other users can buy products directly from the vendor’s user profile. Likewise, the setting also allows putting on display the Shop Settings tab on user profile allowing vendors to configure settings for their shop right from their user profiles.


Profilegrid WooCommerce Product Custom Tabs

This extension allows adding custom tabs on WooCommerce products. This feature assists the administrator to add the custom tabs on WooCommerce Products. Additionally, the extension also allows enabling/disabling the custom tabs on a specific product.

The extension provides great support by allowing options to add the global custom tabs that will display on all products or create the tabs on a specific product that will then override the global custom tabs. Similarly, the extension affords us to send messages to the seller of a product who is a member of a group and can see those messages in his profile.

It is to be noted that the group details custom tab appears only if the extension ‘Profilegrid Woocommerce Product Integration‘ is activated on your site. Likewise, the seller details custom tab appears only if the plugin ‘WC Vendor Marketplace’ is activated on your site.scr-tabs-4


WooCommerce Wishlist Integration

This feature allows users to manage their WooCommerce Wishlist from their ProfileGrid User Profiles.

It also activates a new ‘Add to Wishlist’ button for WooCommerce products next to the ‘Add to Cart‘ button. You can fully customize the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button with your own text, icon, and color. The feature also adds a ‘Wishlist‘ tab to ProfileGrid User Profiles where users can see products added to their Wishlist in one place. Users can also add products from the Wishlist to the cart directly from the ‘Wishlist’ tab or remove them from their list.

ProfileGrid WooCommerce Product Integration

This wonderful extension allows you to integrate WooCommerce products with ProfileGrid Groups. With this, you can assign groups to your users based on the type of products they buy or the number of purchases they make on WooCommerce.

In addition, this also allows assigning single or multiple groups to users based on individual WooCommerce product purchases. Likewise, it also allows enabling/disabling the groups for individual products. You may also choose to assign single or multiple groups to users based on WooCommerce’s purchased amount. The admin can also assign single or multiple groups to users based on the number of WooCommerce products purchased. For closed groups, the groups can be assigned with or without administrator approval for above all.


ProfileGrid WooCommerce Subscription Integration

This extension makes WooCommerce product subscriptions work with ProfileGrid Groups. You may choose to assign/unassign the groups to the users based on their WooCommerce subscriptions. The extension also allows the enabling/disabling of the groups for an individual subscription. For closed groups, the admin can assign the groups with or without administrator approval for the above. Furthermore, the admin can also unassign the single or multiple groups on subscription expired or canceled.



Profilegrid WooCommerce Members Discount

This extension allows adding discounts on WooCommerce products purchased based on group membership. It allows enabling/disabling the discount on specific products. Discounts can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the product price.

The administrators may choose to add a fixed amount discount or a fixed percent discount on the product price. The feature also allows choosing the highest or lowest discount option if the user is a member of multiple groups. You may also choose to allow entering the text for the discounted price to display on the front-end with this extension.

Scr-discount-5 (2)


Profilegrid Woocommerce Product Recommendations

With this, you can display product suggestions right inside user profiles based on the user’s purchase history. In addition, a profile tab on the user’s profile displays the product suggestions based on the purchased products category or tags. The administrator can rename the tab and order it on the profile page.


Closing thoughts

ProfileGrid’s feature-rich extensions blended with the all-powerful WooCommerce form a very capable buyer engagement and revenue generation system for any WordPress business website. While all extensions are available separately, there’s also a heavily discounted bundle that offers everything for a single price.

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