How to Reward Users on your WordPress Website

If you wish to increase customer engagement manifolds on your WordPress website, reward users, and enhance community engagement. This will help you to grow your business. There are various WordPress rewards plugin, WordPress reward points plugin, WordPress points rewards plugin, Loyalty plugin WordPress, and WooCommerce reward plugin WordPress available in the market.

Among all, myCred is the most intelligent and adaptive user reward extension of ProfileGrid. This allows you to build and manage a broad range of digital WordPress rewards including ranks, badges, and points on your WordPress website. Continuing the discussion, let’s talk about the myCred extension in detail and know how to reward users on your WordPress website. Take a look. 

Overview of myCred Extension

myCred user reward extension is used to build your brand or business loyalty by applauding and rewarding your customers or clients. This is possible through WordPress reward systems, leaderboards, or monetizing your website content. In addition to this, the possibilities that you can think about the extension are endless. myCRED allows you to set one or many points to the users on the basis of the activities a user perform on his/her profile. Further, the balance of the points is then visible on the user’s profile page under the settings or notifications section. 

Different Ways of myCred Extension to Engage & Reward Your Loyal Customers

myCred extension allows three different ways via which you can award your users. For example:

  • Points – This method comprises a real-time tracking system that automatically awards your users with points.
  • Ranks – You can reward users on your WordPress website with significant perks and can also set their ranks within the leaderboards after they accomplish a milestone.
  • Badges – Reward users on your WordPress website on their exceptional performance to boost up their participation.

Install the myCred extension today and take advantage of the premium services of the ProfileGrid plugin that include priority customer support and hundreds of add-ons. It is an easy to use WordPress rewards plugin and a loyalty plugin WordPress with dynamic WooCommerce rewards. It is considered to be one of the most reliable WordPress reward points plugin among all reward plugin WordPress.

Install and activate myCred Extension to reward users

In order to reward users on your WordPress website, you need to first install and activate the ProfileGrid’s myCred extension. You can do this from the extension page of your ProfileGrid website. 

Try myCRED Extension

After downloading the extension, go to the WordPress admin dashboard and search for the “myCred” extension.

Step-by-step procedure to add a reward system to your WordPress website

1. On the left panel of your website admin page, go to myCred option and click on myCred Integration settings option. This will take you to the settings page where you can do all the required settings. 

2. Go to the “myCred Integration” toggle switch and turn it on to start the MyCred integration. Once you turn it on, a new ProfileGrid Menu item named “myCred” will appear. Clicking on it will allow you to set point reward rules for your users.

3. Now select the Point Type you want to use with Profile Grid.

4. Turn on the “Display rank on the user profile” toggle button. It will display user rank based on the Point type selected above on user profiles publicly. The section will display the ranks associated with Point Type which you have defined above.

5. Likewise, turn on the “Display Points History in User Profile Settings” toggle button. It will display the Points history in the private area of user profiles.  A new setting tab will appear on a User profile page which will display current points and history.

6. Switch on the “Display Badges” toggle button. It will display a new tab in User Profiles with badges earned by the user.

7. Now in the text box set the name of the profile tab which will display badges.

8. Further, turn on the “Display all available badges” toggle button. It will display all the available badges including the earned and not earned badges by the user. Earned badges are now highlighted.

 9. Similarly, under the Rules section do the settings as per the requirements. Again, turn on the “User Upload Profile Image” button. It will help you allot award points to the users on uploading a new image or changing the existing one.

10. In addition to this, allot the points to the users and set the maximum time limit, you want to award the points to the users.

11. Now go to the “User Uploads Cover Image” section. Turn on the toggle switch and provide the points and limit in the provided text boxes.

Admin Approval

1. Similarly, follow the same procedure when the user updates his profile or a group or site admin approved their request using the below options:

2. Similarly, turn on the “User Blog Post is Published” section if you want to award points to the users on publishing a blog post.

3. Further, allot some points to the user when he/she is promoted to Group Manager. Perform this by switching on the “User is promoted to Group Manager” toggle button.

3. In addition, set the points and WooCommerce rewards to the users on friend request approval, uploading group photos, or uploading a new group photo.

4. You can then check the points and rewards on the user profile page. For an instance:

5. Moreover, you can also allot negative points to the users when they access restricted content, leave a group, or remove profile images.Reward Users

6. Likewise, turn on the ‘User Remove Cover Image’ toggle button to allot negative points to the users when they remove the cover image. Similarly, perform the same when a friend rejects the user’s friend request, or when his/her account is suspended from any particular group.Reward Users Reward Users

7. Above all, click on the Save button.

The Last Word

In short, myCred WordPress points rewards plugin integration is an extension that helps make your website fully-functional, allowing you to create an award system in WordPress website as per your requirement. Further, it has detailed documentation available to help you set up any type of award system. In addition, you can showcase leaderboards on a user profile page using widgets or shortcodes. The plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme.





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