How to Import Demo Content on Your WordPress Website

Installed the theme, yet the website looks nothing like the WordPress theme demo content?

Bummer! One simple reason this happens is that your theme does not import WordPress theme demo content by default. Before proceeding further, let’s discuss a few frequently asked questions regarding the demo importer plugin and how to import demo content. These FAQs include, “What is one click demo import?” “How do I manually import a demo in WordPress?” “What is demo content?” and “How do I edit demo content in WordPress?”

What is demo content? or What is one click demo import?

One hectic work while setting up your WordPress website for the first time is to WordPress import demo content. The process of importing website demo content is time taking yet necessary. WordPress demo content allows you to showcase the dynamic side of your website. At least initially to give you a better idea of how your website would be?

How do I manually import a demo in WordPress?

There are multiple ways of importing WordPress demo content on your WordPress website. One of the most used and simple ways is through ProfileGrid Demo Content Extension. This extension comes as a boon to WordPress website creators. It doesn’t need any extra effort and you don’t need to know a penny about technical things to add this dynamic feature to your WordPress website. Let’s get started with this simple yet highly efficient extension!

Features of ProfileGrid Demo Content Extension

With the ProfileGrid WP Demo Content Extension, you can import demo data WordPress seamlessly. You can further import multiple groups of your choice to set up the basic look for your website. This way you can get the feel of your website. You can import these groups with multiple fields, sections, and users. Further, you can import multiple numbers of demo groups. Not only that, but you can also set demo profile pictures for the groups you want to import. Apart from these striking features, here are a few more highlights of the ProfileGridWP  Demo Content Extension:

  • The feature of importing demo data for WordPress theme comes in handy as you do not have to create groups and profiles one by one to set up the basic structure of your website. You can simply install this extension and import demo data WordPress for ProfileGrid. Saved efforts!
  • The best thing about this extension is that it automatically imports a maximum of 10 Groups with WordPress dummy data fields and sections during the import. Saved time! 
  • Further, it allows you to choose a maximum of 16 users in each group, during the import. Saved efforts again!
  • The ProfileGrid Demo Content Extension, automatically adds users’ profile images and cover images, so that the profiles can give the complete look to your website. Saved time again!

Apart from saving your time and efforts twice, this WordPress dummy data extension is exceptionally easy to use and set up. Let’s take a look!

A step-by-step guide to import demo content and install the WordPress demo content plugin:

1. To start with the WordPress demo content plugin and start to import demo content WordPress for your website, all you have to do is go to the All Extensions page of ProfileGrid. 

import demo wordpress

2. You can scroll down to ProfileGrid Demo Content Extension and click on the “More Info” button.

import demo wordpress extension

3. Go ahead and click on the “Free Purchase” button and complete the download process. 

ProfileGrid- wordpress import demo content

Try ProfileGrid Demo Content Extension

4. Once the download process is complete. Go to the backend of your website and install the extension. 

WordPress Dashboard- wordpress import demo content

5. After the installation is complete, all you have to do is go to the “Global Settings” of ProfileGrid’s left menu on your Dashboard.

6. On the Global Menu page, you will find the “Import Demo Content” option. Click on it and proceed further.

import demo content

7. On the demo content page, you’ll get options to import 1 to 10 demo groups to import. From here you can start to import demo content WordPress.

import demo content

8. Also, you get options to add a number of members to each group.

import demo content

9. Select what fits your website the best and click on the “Import” button. Once the import is complete, you’ll be all set to go!

In Conclusion

The Demo Content Extension by ProfileGrid is a great WordPress demo importer that not only saves your time but helps you understand your website better while developing it. With this dynamic demo content import plugin, you can seamlessly import WordPress demo data. ProfileGrid extension comes with many such amazing extensions that make your WordPress website experience smooth and easy. You can try the free version of ProfileGrid or any of its extensions to enhance the functionalities of your website. 



  1. Philip Purves

    Very helpful. Thank you.

    Q: on the Personal Profile pages I’m getting multiple instances of the ‘Personal Details’ title text. It looks very wrong. Can you help?

    1. ProfileGrid Editorial Team


      Thank you for writing to us.

      “Personal Details” Tabs are based on the groups a user has joined. If the user is a member of multiple groups, then there will be various “Personal Details” under the About tab.

      You can change the name of the field sections in these groups to resolve the problem.

      To change Section name, please follow these steps:

      1) log in to the WordPress dashboard and go to the ProfileGrid menu.
      2) Here you will see the Groups list.
      3) Now go to Fields for a group and then click on the Section name tab on the left side.
      4) Next, go to the “Edit Section” link, change the name, and save it.

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