How to Build and Manage Complex Registration Forms on your WordPress Website

Looking for an easy way to add a customize WordPress registration form to your WordPress?

Worry not! We have got your back. Our WordPress experts have put together an easy guide to manage and create custom WordPress registration forms. Not only that, with this easy guide, you can create a WordPress registration form with payment, a contact form, and much more. We have also answered some of the most commonly asked questions such as, “Why registration forms are needed?” or “How do I create a registration form for my website?” and even, “How do I create a form in WordPress?”

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Why are the registration forms needed?

Custom WordPress Registration Forms help manage user accounts, accept payments, track submissions, analyze statistical data, assign roles to different users, and many more.

How do I create a registration form for my website?

If you, too, are looking to build and manage complex registration forms on your WordPress website, look no further!

ProfileGrid has come up with a useful extension – “Advance forms.” The extension in deep integration with RegistrationMagic allows you to build and manage complex WordPress registration forms. Now, you can take complete control of user registrations on your website with this powerful extension. Continuing the discussion, let’s now shed some light on the topic and discuss how to build and manage complex WordPress registration forms on your WordPress website.

Overview of Advance Forms Integration

Advance Forms is one of the powerful extensions of ProfileGrid. It is now a part of core features; hence, no separate download is required. It gives you complete control of creating advanced and complex registration forms on your WordPress website. You can now create different WordPress registration forms for your website users with predefined fields.

Whether you want to set up payment modes for paid users, allow users to log in to your website to access the functionalities,  help them to reset the password, let them check payment transaction history, ProfileGrid’s Advance Forms extension got you covered.

Frontend View of Registration Forms

The customer journey on a website starts with the process of signing up. You can find multiple configuration settings by downloading the Advance forms extension to curate an amazing sign-up experience for your users. The process of creating advanced registration forms is now an integral part of ProfileGrid.

With this feature’s help, a user can make customized fields that should be filled in by the user while registering. You can either display all fields on a single page or can create a multi-page registration form.

Features offered by Advance Forms Extension

Likewise, any other extension, the Advance forms extension of ProfileGrid, offers many features to the users. Using this dynamic WordPress registration plugin, you can build numerous WordPress user registration forms, WordPress register form, WordPress custom registration form, login and registration form for WordPress, WordPress login form, sign up form for WordPress, event registration form for WordPress, and much more. Some of the things that you can perform using the extension includes:

  • Create a dedicated registration form for each group.
  • It helps to show forms on a single page or multiple pages.
  • Helps to create customized fields.
  • Moreover, the user can also add icons to labels.
  • It offers more than 35 custom fields that you can display on a registration form.
  • You can also drag and drop the fields to change the order of pages or fields.

Steps to Build Advance WordPress Registration Forms in your WordPress Website

Advance Forms Extensions is the best WordPress registration plugin or customized form plugin that allows you to create all types of forms in WordPress. You can either access the free version or access the paid version to get access to the advanced features. To create or build a user registration form in your WordPress website, you need to download the ProfileGrid WordPress registration forms plugin, which is available for free.

1. Download and install the ProfileGrid plugin on your website’s WordPress admin from the link below.

WordPress Registration Form

Try ProfileGrid Free Version

Step-by-step guide:

1. Visit the ProfileGrid » Global Settings page to creating a registration form extension.

2. This will redirect you to the “RegistrationMagic Integration Settings” page, where you will find multiple options to do different settings as per your requirement.

WordPress Registration Form

3. The first option on the settings page is “Show Registration Tabs”. Turn on to display RegistrationMagic’s Registration tab from the User Area in the Settings section of ProfileGrid profiles.

customize wordpress registration form

4. Once you turn on the button, it will let you access the text box to specify the Registrations Tab label. For example, Registration.

5. Furthermore, you can also add one Payment History tab to your registration form. Turn on the second option, i.e., “Show Payment History Tab.” Once you turn on the button, it will let you access the text box to specify the Payment History Tab label. For example, Check Payment History.

customize wordpress registration form

6. Just below the Payment History option, you will find “Show Inbox Tab.” Further, turn on to display RegistrationMagic Premium’s Inbox tab from the settings section to display the Inbox tab. Once you turn on the button, it will let you access the text box to specify the Inbox Tab label. For example, My Inbox.

customize wordpress registration form

7. Similarly, turn on the Show Orders Tab, Show Downloads Tab, and Show Addresses Tab to display your registration form’s functionalities.

custom wordpress registration form
custom wordpress registration form
custom wordpress registration form

8. After doing all the settings, click on the Save button. Further, your registration form will be ready with all the required features you were looking to have on your website.

WordPress Registration Forms

Customized Advance Forms – A Smart Solution

In this blog, you have seen how easily you can add a WordPress registration forms plugin. Also, you can build numerous WordPress user registration forms, WordPress register forms, WordPress custom registration forms, login and registration forms for WordPress, WordPress login forms, sign up form WordPress, event registration forms WordPress, and much more. Further, the Advance Forms extension of the ProfileGrid plugin helps you customize WordPress registration form or WordPress registration form with payment. It will also give you the basic means to add and configure a specific type of form.

ProfileGrid is the best user registration plugin for WordPress that helps users add customized forms to their WordPress website. Moreover, be it a contact form or a registration form or add a menu item to a menu bar, you can add many functionalities to your website using the ProfileGrid extension. If you are looking to add a customized form to your website, follow the above-mentioned steps. It is the best way that lets you maintain a fully functional yet lightweight website.



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