ProfileGrid Extensions

Made by ProfileGrid team
Group Wall

Group Wall

Add social activity to your User Groups. Now users can create new posts, comment on other users' posts and browse Group timeline.


Group Photos

Allow your users to create and share Photo Albums within their Groups. There's also an option for public photos. Users can enlarge and comment on different photos.


Stripe Payments

Start accepting credit cards on your site for Group memberships and registrations by integrating popular Stripe payment gateway.

User Display Name

Now take complete control of your users' display names. Mix and match patterns and add predefined suffixes and prefixes. There's a both global and per group option allowing display names in different groups stand out!

User Profile Custom Slugs

Define how your user profile URL's will appear to site visitors and search engines. Take control of your user profile permalinks and add dynamic slugs.


Generate maps showing locations of all users or specific groups using simple shortcodes. Get location data from registration form.

Custom Group Fields

Create and add custom fields to groups too! Now your user groups can have more detailed information and personality just like your user profile pages.

Frontend Group Creator

Allow registered users to create new Groups on front end. These Groups behave and work just like regular ProfileGrid groups.


bbPress Integration

Integrate ProfileGrid user profile properties and sign up system with the ever popular bbPress community forums plugin.

WooCommerce Integration

Combine the power of ProfileGrid's user groups with WooCommerce cart to provide your users ultimate shopping experience.